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As the name implies, the Nakagoshoshugo-yakata was once the fortified residence of the Shugo (provincial governor). It is said that a palace was built by the Urushida Clan to house Minamoto Yoritomo during his visit to Zenkōji in 1197. In the 1387, during the Nanbokuchō Period, the Ogasawara, Murakami, Shimaźu and Takanashi clansmen rebelled against the Shugo and attacked the Nakagosho, fighting with the Ninomiya Clan who were protecting it. The rebellion was ultimately successful. The Ogasawara Clan were in any case the traditional rulers of Shinano and monopolised the hereditary position of Shugo, ruling as hegemons in the Muromachi Period. Their rule was tumultous, however, and a major rebellion took place in nearby Shinonoi in 1400 against Ogasawara Nagahide. In 1446 there was a civil war within the Ogasawara Clan for which the Nakagosho was apparently the stage. Following Nagahide's and Masayasu's lordship, a succession dispute had broken out between Mochinaga, Nagahide's nephew and Muneyasu, Masayasu's son. Muneyasu fled to his brother Mitsuyasu in Ina, and Mochinaga settled in Matsumoto, founding Fukashijō (Matsumoto Castle).

Visit Notes

There are no tangible remains of this yakata (fortified manor house). Naka is "middle", gosho is "palace" and shugo refers to provincial governors. Opposite Nakagosho Park there is a small shrine with an explanation board about the yakata's history. A map show's the fortifications footprint overlaid over the surrounding area as it is today.


Castle Profile
English Name Nakagoshoshugo Yakata
Japanese Name 中御所守護館
Alternate Names 漆田館
Founder Urushida Clan; Ogasawara Clan
Year Founded 1197
Castle Type Fortified Manor
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Visitor Information
Access Nagano Station on the Shinonoi Line; 7 minute walk
Visitor Information Free; 24/7; Shrine
Time Required 10 minutes
Location Nagano, Nagano Prefecture
Coordinates 36° 38' 20.47" N, 138° 11' 12.23" E
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