New Samurai Homes by ART(2022)


New Samurai Homes by ART


ART has fantastically added several new samurai homes to the that little corner of Jcastle that now catalogs 110 samurai homes. I never expected it would grow so much when I started that section. Please note that these are all quality locations because they must include the house to be listed. Otherwise there are hundreds maybe even thousands of "locations" or simply gates with nothing more to see.

  1. Matsuura Residence
  2. Inoue Residence
  3. Mochizuki Shimoyashiki
  4. Onta Residence
  5. Yamadera Residence
  6. Itou Residence
  7. Iwada Residence
  8. Sasamori Residence
  9. Umeda Residence

I have a few I need to work on adding soon too before ART gets there first !

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21 months ago
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I have no current plans to visit anymore bukeyashiki : p

Of course, one never knows what will come up...


21 months ago
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qualified: /urban/ bukeyashiki