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Nishi Amane, a Meiji period philosopher, was born here in 1829 to a family of hereditary physicians of the Tsuwano Domain. At home he studied traditional medicine, and he attended Yōrōkan, the Tsuwano-hankō (Domain School) to study Confucianism. Descriptions of the site focus on Nishi Amane, but in the context of the castle town, it is also a bukeyashiki (samurai home) dating to the late Edo period. The neighbourhood was once filled with humble bukeyashiki like this one, so it's an important relic of the old castle town, demonstrating, in part, its geospatial social stratification. The residene consists of the omoya (Main Building), kura (storehouse), surrounding dobei (earthen wall) and garden. The main building was re-built in 1853 following a fire in the neighbourhood. The square patch cut out of the dobei in the garden preserves fire damage from that time. The ruins of Tsuwano Castle are seen on the mountain behind the cottage, looming above it.


  • Nishi Residence Profile
    English Name Nishi Residence
    Japanese Name 西周旧宅
    Year 1853
    Residence Type Lower Class
    Designations National Historic Site
    Features Garden, House, Warehouses
    Visitor Information 9:00-17:00; Free
    Location Tsuwano, Shimane Prefecture
    Castle Tsuwano Castle
    Coordinates 34° 27' 26.71" N, 131° 46' 2.17" E
    Tsuwano Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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