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The ruins of the Nishi-toride ('West Fort') straddle a road. The area on this side of Anayama Station is hilly and wooded. Even though it's close to the station it takes about ten to fifteen minutes to walk from around to where there is a bridge over the railway tracks. There is a gorge to the north of the site. Earthworks remain but the ruins between the road and the railway are far too overgrown to see anything. The forested area to the west I was able to penetrate, and came upon a tatebori (climbing moat) with embankments. It appeared that a small enclosure was surrounded by dorui (earthen ramparts) above here. I found more flat ground which might've been another enclosure, but to the west it looked like landslides had destroyed any west-facing ramparts, leaving narrow slips of earth between vacant space in what might be compared to a bite mark where giant teeth had chomped away at the terrain.

  • trench / horikiri

Castle Profile
English Name Nouken Nishi Fort
Japanese Name 能見城西砦
Founder Takeda Katsuyori or Tokugawa Ieyasu
Year Founded 1581-1582
Castle Type Hilltop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Artifacts Tatebori; Dorui
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Anayama Station on the Chūō Main Line; 15 minute walk
Visitor Information 24/7 free
Time Required 20 minutes
Location Nirasaki, Yamanashi Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 45' 2.34" N, 138° 24' 47.74" E
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