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Legend says that the Oba clan built this castle during the Heian Period, but little information from this period remains. In 1457, the Ogigayatsu Uesugi took control of the Oba area including Oba Castle. Ota Dokan rebuilt or renovated the castle, completing the work in 1469. When Hojo Soun moved into the area he took over Oba Castle and also renovated it again. After the Hojo built Tamanawa Castle, however, the importance of Oba Castle gradually decreased. It may have been abandoned by the Hojo at some point, but it certainly was when Hojo were defeated in 1590.

Visit Notes

I was pleasantly surprised that this castle is much more extensive and has much better ruins than I was expecting. Many well defined trenches and embankments can be seen around the enclosures and the layout of the castle is mostly well preserved. If you enter through the main entrance by the parking lot and park office, please be sure to go out the bottom of the castle where you can also get some better views of the side trenches and baileys. One of the features of this castle is the 2 yokobori side trenches that run parallel around the end of the mountain at the first bailey.

There are a few different busses that leave from either Tsujido Station or Fujisawa Station that will get you to within walking distance of the castle. Check this link for details.

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  • Trench between the Second and Third Baileys
  • Road into the castle from the parking lot.
  • Third Bailey and embankment between the Fourth Bailey
  • Third Bailey and embankment between the Fourth Bailey
  • Second Bailey and embankment above a trench.
  • Second Bailey
  • Entrance to the second bailey from the First.
  • On either side of the entrance are nicely preserved trenches
  • Second Bailey and earthen embankment
  • Second Bailey
  • Third Bailey embankment
  • Third Bailey trench
  • Third Bailey embankment
  • Fourth Bailey and trench
  • Fourth Bailey
  • Fourth Bailey
  • Second Bailey trench
  • Second Bailey trench
  • Trench between the First and Second baileys
  • Building foundations in the first bailey
  • Yokobori Trench
  • Yokobori Trench
  • Yokobori Trench
  • Entrance through the first Bailey at the base of the hill.
  • The hill with the castle
  • Map

Castle Profile
English Name Oba Castle
Japanese Name 大庭城
Alternate Names Obanotate
Founder Oba Kagemune
Year Founded 12th C.
Castle Type Hilltop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Tsujido Sta. (Tokaido Line), Kanagawa Chuo Koutsu (Kanachu) bus 10 mins, walk 10 mins
Visitor Information park is open anytime, but the parking lot and park office are only open during certain times.
Time Required 45 mins
Website http://www.city.fujisawa.kanagawa.jp/kouen/kyoiku/leisure/koen/fujisawashi/obajoshi/
Location Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 21' 41.62" N, 139° 27' 5.83" E
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