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Ôhatajō was constructed by Wada Wazashige, also known as Wada Hyōe, as a vanguard fortification to clear the way for the invasion of Mikawa by Takeda forces in 1574. There had been several invasions already of Mikawa by Takeda Shingen before his death, and so perhaps Takeda Katsuyori wanted more logistical support going forward. The beginning of the end for the Takeda arguably came the next year, however, when the Takeda cavalry was famously routed at the battle of Nagashino where Lord Wada was also slain. In 1575, Tokugawa forces destroyed Ôhatajō.

Visit Notes

Ôhatajō was a short-lived minor fortification which played a role in the battle of Nagashino. The site of the castle is in the Ôbata Township of Okazaki Municipality (did the place name change slightly from the time of the castle?), but no clear ruins remain. The castle sat on a river terrace, and the site is now a playground, small cemetery, and bamboo grove.

I went into the bamboo grove and beside the river to inspect the terrain for signs of moved earth, but my search was inconclusive. The earth was somewhat banked up overlooking the river, but this might suggest the area had been a rice paddy. A depression in the earth sloped down very steeply to the river. But it seemed too steep for an entranceway, and too short for a climbing moat. I also found / nearly fell into a deep well between the road and the terrace. I imagined a bailey here, but the well might've been dug at anytime. Local castle bloggers I was following say no ruins remain.


Castle Profile
English Name Ohhata Castle (Mikawa)
Japanese Name 三河大幡城
Alternate Names Ôbatajō
Founder Wada Wazashige
Year Founded 1574
Castle Type Hilltop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Visitor Information
Access Motojuku Station on the Meitetsu-Nagoya Line; 30 minute walk
Visitor Information 24/7 free; park
Time Required 15 minutes
Location Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture
Coordinates 34° 54' 24.37" N, 137° 16' 27.48" E
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