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The Okada clan were vassals of the Oki, one of the elite 21 families of Koka that received commendations from the Rokkaku for their alliance and support. The Okada Residence was moved from the Oki area of Koka to the Koka Ninja Village. The home had gone through some renovations in the Taisho Period (1912-1926), but when they disassembled the house they found the original plans and restored it when it was moved. It is certainly one of the more photogenic samurai residences in the area and houses the park's collection of ninja related artifacts today. Anything ninja related in tourist circles tends to have some fantasy and legend mixed in with the truth. I don't claim to have any knowledge about shinobi arts or artifacts so just take the photos for what they are, documentation of the displays you may see.


  • Okada Residence Profile
    English Name Okada Residence
    Japanese Name 岡田家住宅
    Year 1830-1844
    Residence Type Middle Class
    Features House
    Visitor Information 10am-5pm, closed Mondays; 1100 yen
    Website https://koka.ninpou.jp
    Location Koka, Shiga Prefecture
    Castle Oki Castle (Koka)
    Coordinates 34° 55' 13.62" N, 136° 12' 29.52" E
    Oki Castle (Koka) and nearby Samurai Homes
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