Relocated Structures Everywhere! (Fushimi Castle, Jurakudai, Kameyama Castle, etc)


Relocated Structures Everywhere! (Fushimi Castle, Jurakudai, Kameyama Castle, etc)


I took advantage of some down time during the very rainy Golden Week holidays to clean off my hard drive and update materials on Jcastle. As I was updating some of the existing profiles with new or additional photos a theme began to emerge - Relocated Structures. There are no new castles in this update, but I added the following albums or individual photos of structures relocated from different castles. This is not an exhaustive list of relocations, there are too many to count, this is only the new photos added to with this update. Looking through them now as a group, it's a pretty magnificent collection of buildings that should either be more accessible or more well known in the castle community. Hopefully, this update will help fill the gap.

Fushimi Castle

The biggest update by far is Fushimi Castle which gets 31 new subalbums of relocated structures, mostly around Kyoto. I also created a new page to summarize them all with sortable columns and a map. Rather than list each individually here, please refer to this new page under "Feature Articles".


Osaka Castle

Chikubushima, a small island in the northern part of Lake Biwa has gotten some attention lately from castle go'ers visiting these magnificent structures from Osaka Castle. If you haven't seen these yet, you should definitely see this album and my writeup. This writeup reflects current thinking about all the structures being from Osaka Castle.


Himeji Castle

One of my most interesting finds last year was the River Barge of the Himeji Domain at the Sorakuen Park in Kobe. If you have not seen these photos either, this is another highly recommended album of a very rare and unique treasure.



Hideyoshi's famously opulent palatial castle has some equally ornate extant structures that are typically hidden behind temple walls in Kyoto. In 2023, they each had limited exhibits which allowed fans to get much coveted photos of these legendary sites. I also found one Jurakudai gate in the middle of nowhere (Hagi) that I've added too.

Jurakudaihiunkaku1.jpg Jurakudaikaramon7.jpg Hagijonenji1.jpg

Tanba Kameyama Castle

Kameyama Castle often flies under the radar for having a lot of relocated structures. This is just a few. There are still more to see but I might need someone with a car to get me to them!


Bitchu Takamatsu Castle

This pales in comparison to the other big updates here, but I stumbled upon a relocated gate from Bitchu Takamatsu Castle in Kyoto while scoping out other Fushimi relocations no less. It has now been added to the Takamatsu Castle page.


I also added a new "conditon" filter called "Relocated" to castle photos. From the Photo Search Page you can search specifically for photos of relocated structures. I only started this with Fushimi Castle and have not (yet) gone back to retroactively tag anything. If anyone wants editor permissions to help do so please let me know.

Now that the active yamajiro (mountain castle) season has come to an end, I will fill the hot summer days sorting photos and updating the site. As always, you can get the most up to date information on new additions and castle travels by following the Facebook page. Click the icon in the footer to take you there.


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