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The Satō-bukeyashiki, a former samurai residence in the Kachimachi Bukeyashiki area of the castle town of Sasayama, is open for free, and the guide is Mr Satō himself. Many of his family's heirlooms are on display in the cosy abode. He let me play with a halberd. He also had a historic map of all of the bukeyashiki homes in the town which I found to be useful since many samurai homes remain in the neighbourhoods around the castle which aren't open to the public.

  • Gate of Satou Residence

  • Sasayama Satou Residence Profile
    English Name Sasayama Satou Residence
    Japanese Name 篠山佐藤武家屋敷
    Year 1830s
    Residence Type Middle Class
    Features Gates, House
    Visitor Information Open Irregularly for Free
    Location Tanba-Sasayama, Hyogo Prefecture
    Castle Sasayama Castle
    Coordinates 35° 4' 27.08" N, 135° 12' 50.47" E
    Sasayama Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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