Seri-gumi Ashigaru Private Residence 2




I found this residence on an old map in some survey materials but it seems to have been removed from newer materials. The house has the "Seri Gumi Ashigaru Yashiki" placard but no other distinguishing signs or acknowledgments. Judging by the look of the house and the placard I'm assuming it is one of the Ashigaru homes, but is not highlighted for privacy reasons.


  • Seri-gumi Ashigaru Private Residence 2 Profile
    English Name Seri-gumi Ashigaru Private Residence 2
    Japanese Name 善利組足軽屋敷 2
    Year Edo Period
    Residence Type Ashigaru
    Features House
    Visitor Information not open to the public; private property
    Location Hikone, Shiga Prefecture
    Castle Hikone Castle
    Coordinates 35° 16' 6.89" N, 136° 14' 58.34" E
    Hikone Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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    Visits November 3, 2022
    Added Jcastle 2022
    Contributor Eric

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