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Even though Shinmachiharada-yakata is referred to as a yakata, it seems that it was built up like a sloping castle with baileys in tiers, forming three baileys and making use of natural defences and an ‘F’-shaped moat system to ensconce baileys. The main bailey was actually the lowest situated. It is thought Shinmachiharada-yakata may have been used as a satellite fortification of Kōjin’yamajō during the war between Ina forces and the Takeda Clan from 1544. In this case the fort was actually a fortified jinba (encampment) built during the Sengoku period. Supporting this theory is the lack of any history relating a clan lord or a manor here.

Visit Notes

The site of Shinmachiharada-yakata, directly south of Ina-Shimachi Station, is nothing but fields today. To the south there are some embankments, but it’s not clear that these just weren’t formed for terraced rice paddies, and it seems that the structure of the castle has been almost completely lost. A dry moat, according to excavations, used to run roughly where there is a road going southeast on the opposite side of the train tracks. Southwest of here there was a creek. This creek would’ve been used by the yakata as a defensive area. Although the portion of the creek around the former main bailey has been filled in to expand rice paddies, thus along with the aforementioned road completely obscuring the site of the main bailey, I noticed that it continued on the north side of the tracks in the northwest. This was used as a moat by the yakata and constitutes the only trace of a fortification here. To the east of here was the yakata’s second bailey, and to the north where there is a rise in the terrain there was a third and final bailey. The moat which ran between the second and main bailey was filled in for constructing the railway. The second bailey is now just housing clustered around the station and the third bailey is a cemetery, so one would not know that a fortification existed here.

  • Creek Moat / Karabori

Castle Profile
English Name Shinmachiharada Yakata
Japanese Name 新町原田館
Founder 伊那衆
Year Founded c. 1544
Castle Type Fortified Manor
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Artifacts Kuruwa, Karabori
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Ina-Shinmachi Station on the Iida Line; thirty second walk.
Visitor Information 24/7 free; fields
Time Required 20 minutes
Location Tatsuno, Nagano Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 58' 5.59" N, 137° 58' 59.16" E
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