Shirokane Yakata




In the 1300's one of the powerful clans of the area, Yanagishita built a fortified manor on this site. During the Edo Period this was the site of the Takamatsu Matsudaira clan's shimoyashiki residence. During the Meiji Period the park held a gunpowder magazine and in 1917 it was taken over by the Imperial Household. The lands were released to the Ministry of Education in 1949 and have been turned into a nature park since.

In the photos and at the park you'll see several different sections of earthen embankments. It is thought that the ones creating a U shape surrounded the actual home.

Visit Notes

Even if the ruins of the fortified manor are very few, it's a beautiful park to walk through in the middle of the city. It is interesting however that the embankments around here have survived through the Edo Period to end up protected in the Institute For Nature Study.

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  • Earthen embankment entrance
  • Embankment cut through for the trail
  • Map and embankments explanation
  • Map of the mansion ruins
  • Earthen embankment
  • Earthen embankment
  • Map and explanation of the mansion
  • Earthen embankment
  • Earthen embankment
  • Earthen embankment
  • Earthen embankment
  • pond at the nature park

Castle Profile
English Name Shirokane Yakata
Japanese Name 白金館
Alternate Names Shirokane-jo, Shirokane Chojayashiki
Founder Yanagishita Kazusanosuke
Year Founded 1300's (Nanbokucho Period)
Castle Type Fortified Manor
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Visitor Information
Access Meguro Sta (JR Yamanote Line), 10 min walk
Visitor Information Open 9-430pm Sept-Apr, 9-5pm May-Aug; Closed Dec 28-Jan 4, 310 yen admission
Time Required 30 mins
Location Tokyo, Tokyo
Coordinates 35° 38' 16.01" N, 139° 43' 5.52" E
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Contributor Eric
Admin Year Visited 2017
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