Sugawara Residence


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The Kano Family lived here in the Edo Period. The house is original but seems to have been heavily reformed in more modern times. Some of the garden and hedge row also remains. I was told that while it may look occupied no one lives here anymore. The house is effectively abandoned and quickly falling into disrepair.


Sugawara Residence Profile
English Name Sugawara Residence
Japanese Name 菅原家住宅
Year mid 1800s
Residence Type Middle Class
Features Garden, House
Visitor Information not open to the public
Location Kanegasaki, Iwate Prefecture
Castle Kanegasaki Castle (Iwate)
Coordinates 39° 11' 41.39" N, 141° 7' 18.07" E
Kanegasaki Castle (Iwate) and nearby Samurai Homes
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Visits May 12, 2018
Added Jcastle 2018

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