Takahashi Residence (Obata)

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The Takahashi-bukeyahsiki is one of the bukeyashiki (samurai homes) in the castle town of Obata. It is also the site of the former residence of the minister of finances for Obata Domain. Like with at the Matsudaira-yashiki, the explanation board focuses on the Edo Period garden rather than the residence, which it remains close-lipped about. One wonders if this isn't to protect the privacy of the residents who still live in the home, or whether there simply isn't much to tell. There is a small cottage annex on a larger two storey home here. It seems that the single storey part has a thatched roof that has been covered up with sheet metal, and that this part of the original yashiki, but its exact condition is hard to determine. The site is partially open to the public. I appreciate that the house is still lived in and being able to enter into the garden is an unearned privilege, but I wish there was more information presented. A large gatehouse and storehouses also remain, adding to the traditional streetscape from without.


  • Takahashi Residence (Obata) Profile
    English Name Takahashi Residence (Obata)
    Japanese Name 小幡城下町高橋武家屋敷・小幡藩勘定奉行住宅
    Year Late Edo Period
    Residence Type Upper Class
    Features Gates, Garden, House, Warehouses
    Visitor Information Partially open to public (free)
    Location Kanra, Gunma Prefecture
    Castle Obata Jin'ya
    Coordinates 36° 13' 47.06" N, 138° 55' 3.79" E
    Obata Jin'ya and nearby Samurai Homes
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