Takeda Castle - Ritsuunkyo

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Takeda Castle - Ritsuunkyo


Across the valley from Takeda Castle is a slightly higher mountain with a park called Ritsuunkyo which offers some amazing views of the castle. Over the past few years, observation points have been cleared at 3 different levels to ease your viewing of the castle from the trail. The highest observation point is about a 30 minute walk from the parking lot and allows you to get a slightly top-down look into the castle. The Ritsuunkyo Parking Area is about a 45 minute walk from Takeda Station. If you plan to visit the castle ruins on the same day, it is advisable to take a taxi from the station. Please be advised that the road is narrow and vehicle traffic, including taxis, may be halted during peak seasons. More information is available on the Ritsuunkyo website: https://www.ritsuunkyo.com

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