Takenaka Castle (Koka)

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Detailed history is unknown, but it may have been a one of the Kuraji clan castles.

Visit Notes

This is a fun castle to visit and highly recommended. The castle itself is a great example of a Koka yakatajiro. Inside the main bailey of this castle you may notice there are 2 levels. The slightly higher level is difficult to notice because it is mostly piled up with brush in the photos, but it is there. This is actually common in the Koka castles and nicely preserved here. Across the trench there is another bailey that the owner seems to be working on now. In maps from the Meiji Period there may have been two other baileys but they have been developed over since.

The grounds are private property, but the owner has expended a tremendous amount of effort to cut back the bamboo and then use the bamboo to make stairs and rails around the castle. It is an impressive feat for us castle fans. He has also had a little fun with it creating little bulls and tigers - probably for the year of bull and tiger from the last two years.

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Castle Profile
English Name Takenaka Castle (Koka)
Japanese Name 竹中城
Founder Kuraji clan ?
Year Founded 15 th c.
Castle Type Hilltop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Designations National Historic Site
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Konan Sta. (JR Kusatsu Line); 25 min walk
Visitor Information Private property, but visitors welcome to marked areas
Time Required 30 mins
Location Koka, Shiga Prefecture
Coordinates 34° 55' 34.10" N, 136° 9' 32.69" E
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