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Takenaka Jinya was built by Takenaka Shigekado (son of Takenaka Hanbei) after he had demolished his father’s castle, Bodaiyama Castle, which is located about 1.5km up on the mountain just behind the jinya. According to a sign near the jinya, Takenaka Shigekado worked on improving the fortifications at Takenaka Jinya in 1589, but it does not give more specific details about when the jinya was founded. The jinya was used during the Edo Period for governing the surrounding area which included the villages of Fuchu, Iwate, Sekigahara, Touge and Yamanaka. An original yaguramon, stone walls, and a water moat on the eastern side are still intact. The jinya is a Gifu Prefectural Historic site.

Visit Notes

This jinya, which loosely translates as a ‘fortified governmental centre’, is in effect the equivalent of a ‘downsized castle’. Takenaka Jinya is not easily accessible by public transport. It is around 4km from JR Tarui Station, and there is just one mini-bus that runs from the train station and stops at a nearby local community centre. The bus runs only intermittently. I opted to take my folding bike with me on the JR trains and rode to Takenaka Jinya from Tarui Station for a more flexible schedule. It is also possible to rent bicycles at the Sekigahara Town History and Folklore Museum to tour the Sekigahara Battlefield and then ride the 5 kilometres to Takenaka Jinya. The jinya is located on the eastern perimeter of Iwate Primary School, so most of the grounds of this former jinya beyond the yaguramon and stone walls are off-limits to tourists.

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  • Yaguramon
  • moat, stone walls and yaguramon gate
  • Yaguramon
  • Yaguramon
  • Yaguramon
  • Yaguramon
  • Closeup of the stairs inside the gate
  • Under the yaguramon

Castle Profile
English Name Takenaka Jinya
Japanese Name 竹中氏陣屋
Founder Takenaka Shigekado
Year Founded 1588
Castle Type Flatland
Castle Condition No main keep but other buildings
Designations Prefectural Historic Site
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features gates, water moats, stone walls
Visitor Information
Access Tarui Sta. (Tokaido Line), bus.
Visitor Information No entrance fees.
Time Required 20 minutes
Website http://www.tarui-kanko.jp/hokubu.html
Location Tarui, Gifu Prefecture
Coordinates 35° 23' 9.82" N, 136° 30' 0.68" E
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43 months ago
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Takenaka-jin'ya (Gifu-ken, Tarui-chō)  竹中陣屋 [岐阜県垂井町]

The remains of Takenaka-jin'ya consist of ishigaki (stone-piled ramparts), a mizubori (water moat) segment, and an original yaguramon (gatehouse). Before reaching the jin'ya I could also clearly see the ruins of Bodaiyamajō on a mountain above. I didn't have time to visit there unfortunately. Bodaiyamajō was the base of the Takenaka Clan and of Takenaka "Hanbē" Shigeharu, a famous samurai of the Sengoku Period. Even though it was his son, Takenaka Shigekado, who established the jin'ya, the statue in front of the main gate is to Hanbē!