Tatebayashi Castle Day Trip

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A day in Tatebayashi, Gunma


Tatebayashi Castle itself does not have many remains to see, but combined with the two samurai homes, a history walk and some other old merchant shops it is an interesting side trip. Tatebayashi is also the home of the famous Japanese astronaut Chiaki Mukai. There is a Chiaki Mukai Commemorative Children's Science Museum on the site of the former castle's Honmaru.

Samurai Residences

Buyokan - Buyokan is the name given to the samurai residence that was restored in the area of the castle town that was known for raising hunting hawks. The nagayamon gate is actually a Taisho Period building but it reflects Edo Period construction techniques and is the only original castle related Nagayamon Gate in Tatebayashi.

Tayama Katai Residence - The Tayama Katai residence was a samurai home in the late Edo Period. It is named after a famous author, Tayama Katai (1871-1930), who lived here for 8 years from 1878-1886. In 1971 it was named as the first important cultural property of Tatebayashi City.

This is the last update from my spring and summer trips and just in time for Autumn!


Tatebayashi Castle / 館林城


Besides the reconstructed castle gate (1983), there is not much to see of the castle itself. There are only a few signs around the original castle grounds pointing out locations of gates and baileys. There also two original samurai residences and a large Nagayamon gate moved here from a wealthy farmstead. Combined together, these sites make Tatebayashi makes an interesting visit if you are on the area. The castle diorama seen in some of the photos below is in a wing off the library near the Dobashimon Gate. There are other artifacts here too but you you can only take photos of the diorama.
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