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Not much is known about the early history of this castle. The earliest stories put it as the home castle of Nitta Yoshishige in the Kamakura Period and Wakiya Yoshisuke in the Nambokucho Period. In the later Sengoku Period it is claimed to have been part of Takeda Shingen's borderland castle defenses against the Hojo. Even though there is no direct evidence, this theory seems to make sense. The trenches and earthworks you see are more common to Sengoku Period castles and since Takeda renovated nearby Yamana Castle and built Negoya Castle it is likely that he also made use of this castle too.

Visit Notes

Terao Chausuyama Castle was the third castle along the castle hike this day. You can continue along the Takasaki Nature Trail until the highway, but you'll need to break off and go into the residential area and walk a few more blocks to reach this castle in the middle of the town. Alternatively, if you come direct from the station there is a more direct route to get to the castle which you can figure out from Google Maps on your own.

If you come from the South Bailey (Minami Kuruwa) side it seems to suddenly rise up from the middle of the residential area. This side of the castle mountain was actually flattened to make way for the apartments and parking area. It did not originally look like this.

Terao Chausuyama Castle is a small castle, but the trenches and earthworks have been well preserved and signposted making it an easy and enjoyable castle visit.

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Castle Profile
English Name Terao Chausuyama Castle
Japanese Name 寺尾茶臼山城
Alternate Names Chausuyama-jo, Takanosu-jo
Founder Nitta Yoshishige?
Year Founded Kamakura Period
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Negoya Sta. (Joshin Dentetsu); 20 min walk
Visitor Information park, open 24/7
Time Required 40 mins
Website http://www.city.takasaki.gunma.jp/docs/2013121700542/
Location Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture
Coordinates 36° 17' 32.75" N, 139° 0' 33.19" E
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