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Nitta Yoshisada may have used the site as an encampment in 1180. Yukiyoshi Shinno was supposedly besieged here by Uesugi Norisada in 1397.

Visit Notes

This is the fourth and final castle along the trail starting from Yamana Castle and nearly the end of my castle hike starting from Yamana Castle. The castle itself is a fairly simple ridgeline castle with small baileys and some trenches and a notable 20m stretch of "dobashi" where the ridge was cut down to a narrow corridor.

Most explanations for this castle tell you to go to the Kannon Mountain Family Park and take the walking course from the parking lot which will quickly get you to the castle ruins, but you need a car to get there. There are also a few busses from Takasaki Station to the Kannon Mountain Family Park if the timing works for you. Having come from Terao Chausuyama Castle I was not interested in a long boring walk along a highway to the top of the mountain so I looked to some of the roads at the base of the mountain to see if there might be a trail going up. The first road ended at a construction company, but the second one I tried ended at the bottom of the park with a sign for the castle! If you want to go from the bottom of the mountain in the residential area you should be able to figure out which road it was by looking at the map of photos. The northernmost map marker is the trail entrance with a convenient map and sign.

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Castle Profile
English Name Terao Naka Castle
Japanese Name 寺尾中城
Founder Nitta clan
Year Founded 12th C?
Castle Type Mountaintop
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Takasaki Sta. (Ueno Takasaki Line); bus to Kannon Mountain Family Park, or walk (25 mins) to the base of the mountain from Negoya Station (Joshin Dentetsu)
Visitor Information Probably open 24/7 but the entrance from the Family Park may not be open when the park is closed.
Time Required 75 mins
Website http://www.city.takasaki.gunma.jp/docs/2013121700542/
Location Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture
Coordinates 36° 17' 29.58" N, 138° 59' 54.71" E
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