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Toba-yakata was built by Maruyama Higo and functioned as the fortified manor house of the Maruyama Clan in medieval times - it is said. This is not known for sure. In the Sengoku Period the area was controlled by the Hirase Clan who were vassals of the Ogasawara Clan, nominal rulers of Shinano Province. In the Late Sengoku Period, however, Maruyama Shōkan was apparently in charge. It's possible the Maruyama Clan came after the Hirase Clan and backdated their history to legitimise their claim to the area, or that they were ousted by the Hirase Clan and later regained control. The Maruyama Clan also controlled nearby Yoshinomachi Yakata. Toba-yakata administered Toba Village and protected the Kumagura Road which led to the Kumagura water-crossing and Kumagura Yakata.

Visit Notes

Toba-yakata was the twelfth stop on my "Yakata Tour". The main enclosure of what was once a medieval fortified manor house is now a farmstead, not open to the public. However, it is partially surrounded by a water-filled moat and dorui (earthen ramparts), which was quite impressive in terms of the ruins I found that day, most yakata having long been developed, built and ploughed over. This site is likewise surrounded by fields and rice paddies. It is a municipal designated historical site.


Castle Profile
English Name Toba Yakata
Japanese Name 鳥羽館
Founder Maruyama Clan
Year Founded Medieval Times
Castle Type Fortified Manor
Castle Condition Ruins only
Designations Local Historic Site
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Artifacts Dorui, Mizubori
Features trenches
Visitor Information
Access Nakagaya Station on the Oito Line; 15 minute walk
Visitor Information 24/7 free; includes private property
Time Required 15 minutes
Location Azumino, Nagano Prefecture
Coordinates 36° 16' 11.93" N, 137° 54' 58.90" E
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