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The Uchiyama-bukeyashiki is a samurai residence located in the castle town of Ôno in Echizen Province. It was inhabited by the descendents of the chief minister of the Ôno Domain, Uchiyama Ryōkyū, and dates to the Bakumatsu Period with additions in the Meiji Period. The use of blue-black earth walls in the interior was, I've noticed, typical of the Meiji Period. The residence is more modern than most bukeyashiki and quite lavish, featuring gardens, multiple storehouses, and an annex built in the Meiji Period. The bukeyashiki was located directly opposite the moat surrounding the castle-mount, giving it primacy of placement. The upper floor of the house has a curved ceiling called Funazoku-tenjō, "Boat-style Ceiling". Throughout there were many interesting kugikakushi (nail coverings). By the way, the bracing beneath the eaves of the storehouses is an example of vernacular architecture used in Echizen.


  • Uchiyama Residence Profile
    English Name Uchiyama Residence
    Japanese Name 内山武家屋敷
    Year 1882
    Residence Type Upper Class
    Designations Important Cultural Property
    Features Gates, Garden, House, Warehouses
    Visitor Information 300 yen; 9:00-16:00 weekdays; 9:00-17:00 weekends; closed at year's end
    Website https://www.city.ono.fukui.jp/kosodate/bunka-rekishi/hakubutsukan/shisetsu/uchiyamake/uchiyamake-1.html
    Location Ohno, Fukui Prefecture
    Castle Echizen Ohno Castle
    Coordinates 35° 59' 7.87" N, 136° 29' 11.98" E
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