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Updated the Takiyama Castle profile


This update is out of order with my other updates but I promised someone at the Castle Expo (城EXPO) that this would be my next update, so here we go !

This is a wonderfully complex castle. Take a close look at the map and you'll see it's difficult to even understand just from this cursory look. I've uploaded over 90 photos and tried to divide the map into logical sections to help illustrate the castle better.


Takiyama Castle / 滝山城


Hidden in the outskirts of Tokyo is this gem of a castle. It has started to gain more attention since being added to the "Next Top 100" castles, but I think it still does not get the recognition it deserves. Most visitors will probably stay on the main concrete trail and think that's all there is to see. In fact, Takiyama Castle is probably one of the most vast and intricate mountaintop castles in Kanto. It is much bigger than you might expect so please plan an appropriate amount of time to enjoy this castle. Some people call Sugiyama Castle the "textbook" of Kanto earthworks castles, but I think Takiyama is an even better example. Further it displays elements of both early and later Sengoku Period earthworks.

The castle is generally well signposted and has some good maps so be sure to get a map and pay attention to the non-paved side trails. The maps, photos and descriptions will not do this site justice. You need to take some time to explore and enjoy it for yourself. It's well maintained so it's easy to go off the main road and learn about Sengoku Period earthworks castles without the concern of getting lost in the mountains like you might elsewhere.

As you will see in the photos below, I may have gotten carried away with too many photos of the trenches and moats but they're just too clean and easy to get down into that you want to explore more and are constantly impressed to take more photos. I've tried to organize the photos into logical groups. Before each group is a map that roughly highlights the area covered in the next section of photos. There are some areas currently off limits due to damage from a typhoon in late 2018, please be careful and stay away from roped off areas.

There is a volunteer corps that meets on the third Sunday of every month to help clear brush from the trenches and trails and keeps the site open for all. Thanks to their dedication and hard work this castle is made accessible to all. You can see more details on their website (sorry, Japanese only). I try to help when I can too so if you're interested in joining sometime feel free to reach out, maybe we can join together some time. It's a great opporunity to see a castle from new angles and climb down into so normally off limits areas.

The bus stops almost right in front of the castle entrance. The bus stop is called Takiyama Castle Bus Stop.
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