Usami Hanareyama Stone Quarry


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This was probably one of the more convenient quarries for the daimyo since the mountain drops fairly quickly right down to a good port on the coast of Usami. There is also very little remaining, hardly even any leavings cut from stones. There are a few stones that were left behind and some of them have been kindly signposted. Compared to the Heda Stone Quarry or the Ohkawa Yato-no-iri Stone Quarry that are in earlier stages of being quarried, this site has been nearly quarried out of all the readily accessible stone. Even though there are few kokuin or ya-ana stones to see, it provides a unique view of how the mountain has been carved out for stone. There are signs from the nearby road point to a (comparatively) well groomed trail to get to the site.

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    Usami Hanareyama Stone Quarry Profile
    English Name Usami Hanareyama Stone Quarry
    Japanese Name ハナレ山石丁場
    Location Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture
    Castle Edo Castle
    Coordinates 35° 0' 39.85" N, 139° 5' 45.20" E
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    Edo Castle Stone Quarries

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    36 months ago
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    I guess they changed the shape of the mountain...