Usami Nakoyama To-no-iri Stone Quarry


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The area around Usami has countless stone quarries. The Nakoyama and To-no-iri quarry area is the most well-preserved and has the most to see of any site that is generally open to the public.  At one time more than 10 different quarries existed on this one mountain. The site was designated a National Historic Site in 2016.

The town has created some trails through the site and attempted to make it into a tourist attraction, but due to typhoon damage some of the trails have already been closed. See this map for details and avoid trails marked with red X's. There aren't many kokuin along those anyway, so stick to the trails with lots of yellow dot's indicating areas of many kokuin.

Around the beginning of the hiking trail at the base of the mountain you see many of the arrow feather kokuin, called yahazu. This is the mark of the Mouri clan of Saiki. Beyond that you'll see a diamond shape with three lines through the middle.  This is the mark of the Inaba of Usuki, both from Kyushu.  It is very interesting that before you enter the Inaba's quarry territory there is a row of large, roughly cut stones, with the Inaba's mark at the upper edge. This series likely marked the boundary between the two quarries.

The highlight around this set of quarries is the quarry marker stone at the top of Mt. Nakoyama which claims the quarry for Hosokawa Tadaoki.  It's fortunate that this is so well preserved because much of what we know about the activities and work around quarrying stone for Edo Castle actually comes from the records of Hosokawa.

  • Likely to be a boundary marker stone
  • 羽柴越中守石場 Hashiba Etchu-no-kami Stone Quarry
  • row of border stones of the Inaba Clan
  • row of border stones of the Inaba Clan
  • possibly a blacksmith's fire pit
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    Usami Nakoyama To-no-iri Stone Quarry Profile
    English Name Usami Nakoyama To-no-iri Stone Quarry
    Japanese Name 宇佐美 ナコウ山・洞の入石丁場
    Location Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture
    Castle Edo Castle
    Coordinates 35° 1' 0.16" N, 139° 5' 3.44" E
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    Edo Castle Stone Quarries

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