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posted 998 days ago

Good stuff there. Do you need permission to broadcast from these sites? I've tried to get permission to use a photography drone but they have been all turned down so far ! :). If you want to email direct for anything please use "eric -at-mark -"

posted 999 days ago

Hi, thanks for sharing your article! I found it very interesting. There is also a Japanese Castle Facebook group if you are interested to join. There are some people in the Kansai area who often talk about visits too. Sometimes the castle discussion may get a bit deep but it is fun even just to lurk. I don't comment much but I know the main members well and we usually get together at the yearly Castle Travel Expo in Yokohama. I also know a Japanese guy in Saitama who is a big castle fan and ham radio operator (? I think) his call sign is JE1CMG if that is of any interest to you. I suspect he only speaks Japanese however. The Japanese Castle Facebook page is here You will see me comment as Eric Obershaw

posted 1045 days ago

yes, of course! Please feel free to share. It's on the internet for anyone to see as long a they don't wholesale use my photos or text as they own.

posted 1045 days ago

Hi! This is Eric, thanks for joining my site. I'm glad you've found it useful.