My Castle Adventures
Why I'm interested in Japanese castles

I've had a decades-long love of Japan, and I just fell into collecting castle visits. I'm starting to get interested in the history surrounding the feudal times, but I need to pick a clan to work through.

My Favorite Castles

Himeji to immerse myself in, Matsumoto to photograph, Kanazawa to watch how to reconstruct a castle.

Favorite Samurai

Probably someone in the Maeda clan. I'm still working it out.

Favorite Area of Japan

Hida, Gifuken. Hokuriku when I get snowed out of the mountains.

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Business Intelligence/ Data Warehousing. I'm managing a University's BI programme.

Places I have lived

Sydney, Australia

Darwin, Australia.


B Business (computing & Information Management) from University of Western Sydney;

M Information Technology (in progress) at Charles Darwin University

About me

Japonophile with 15 visits under my belt. My spiritual home in Japan is the Hida area in the Japan Alps, extending west into Hokuriku. My favourite castles are Himeji for all its original goodness, and Matsumoto as the most photogenic Japanese castle.

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posted 312 days ago

You could start checking out the profiles for Kaga-han on this site for an overview (Kanazawa Castle & bukeyashiki profiles). When making new profiles I usually reference Japanese (language) castle bloggers; for profiles made in the last few years you'll find the original sources in the bottom portion of the right-hand segment (desktop). These websites probably also have coverage in Ishikawa if you'd like to check. Websites like 城郭放浪記, 余湖コレクション, 城郭探訪, and so on. By the way, if you have FB, feel free to join us on there.

posted 313 days ago

Welcome to jcastle, Mr Wormey!