Furinkazan's Visited Castles


Castle Date Comment
Aizu Wakamatsu Castle 13/05/2015 This is a nice site to visit. The tenshukaku being a concrete one isn't a big problem. It houses a nice museum with a lot of information about the history of the place and more in particular about the Boshin-war. The view from the top is outstanding. The 2 reconstructions in wood are a great addition to the castle. The Rinkaku teahouse is worth to visit. After that i went to the Prefectural museum, just next to the castle-site. Then i took a bus to the Aizu bukeyashiki, which is truly informative.
Akashi Castle 20/10/2010 Two days ago i went to this castle. The turrets are nice and indeed the walls are impressive. Sadly the weather was very bad, so i couldn't appreciate to the fullest the site. I think with beautiful weather i would have stayed longer in the parc, which is very nice for a stroll. I appreciated the pontoon they have built behind the wall. It gives you almost the position of a shooter over the wall(such devices were installed at some castles during sieges, that's why some of the firing holes are very low. The men below had to kneel for firing their weapons).It is very difficult to take a nice picture from the JR station. There are some electric cables hanging in between.
Akita Castle 27/05/2015 I went with a bus to this site this morning. Any bus from busstop #5 at the west exit of the Akita station are passing near the site. You need to get off at Gokukojinja'iriguchi. It's a 360¥ ride and is about 20min. Be aware, the busstop-name doesn't appear on the bill-board. You have to be very attentive to the little voice telling the next stop. I found this weird. I never experienced this in Japan. The site is about 700m from the busstop. There are several explanation boards on the site. Even in english. There are 3 reconstructed buildings. The outer eastern gate with a part of its wall. The inner eastern gate with also a part of its wall(here are no photos of this, do you need some Eric?). And the last rebuilt structure is a flush lavatory. It's the first time i saw such a structure on castle grounds. I found it interesting. In the museum i saw a little video of the history of the castle, only in japanese. There are some artifacts found during the excavations. The structures changed six times when the site was used and some models show these changes. The site is completely free to visit.
Ako Castle 12/04/2012 I visited this site today. It is a very nice place to be during sakura-time. The park is surrounded by a lot of ishigaki and they are still reconstructing some parts of it. It's easy accessible. From the south-exit of Banshu-Ako station it's straight ahead. There aren't alot of buildings, but they made some kind of elevated map in the honmaru, where the palace once stood. The Oishi-jinja, related to the 47 ronin, stands inside the ishigaki.
Ansho Castle 06/05/2014; 13/12/2022 After Nishiojou and Toujoujou, i went to this site. I decided to go there because i changed from the Meitetsu-line to the JR-line in this city. The stations are 1km from each other and the site of the castle is 1km on the same road but in the other direction from Minamianjo-station on the Meitetsu-line. There is indeed not alot to see. I like also temples and shrines, so i wasn't completely disappointed. If you go for a castle you'll be very disappointed.
Arato Castle 04/04/2009; 18/05/2017 The location of this little yamashiro and the buildings reconstructed are very nice, but don't expect a castle like Himeji or Matsumoto.
Ashikagashi Yakata 16/05/2017 Imo, this 'castle' should not be on the 100 meijo list, but it was a yakata and thus an important step to the castles of later periods. Personally i like also visiting temples and shrines. The hondo is the oldest building of it's kind, and inspired a lot of temples thereafter. If you're looking for a castle, you'll be disappointed, but the buildings on the grounds are historically and architecturally important. In the hondo you'll find the 100 meijo stamp. There i bought a book of the history of the temple. A part of it is translated in chinese, korean, english(yes), french(YES) and spanish.
Asuke Castle 27/05/2017
Aya Castle 24/04/2013 This is a castle reconstruction like they all should be. Very nice little castle and some interesting artifacts. When i arrived at Miyazakistation yesterday i went to the informationdesk to buy the 'Visit Miyazaki Bus Card'. For 1000yen you can take buses in Miyazaki and to extended cities, like Aya. This card is only for foreigners living outside Japan. The lady at the desk was really helpfull. She told me to take a bus in front of the station, east-exit, at busstop 2. The number of the bus is 304 or 305, bound for Aya. But afterwards i saw that there are more buses passing on the Tachibanastreet, the station being scarcely deserved by these buses. I took a 304 at Tachibanadori 3 chome busstop and the bus stops in the center of Aya. The fee was 1030yen, so the card was really interesting. After that i took a taxi, because the rain fell alot this morning. The fee for the taxi is 560yen. There are taxi's just in front of the busterminal. If you are in the area, you should go to Ayajo.
Azuchi Castle 24/05/2017 This morning the rain dripped a little bit, but stopped when i arrived at Azuchi station. There is still only one exit at this station but they're doing a complete overhaul of it. Of what i could see, there will be 2 exits in the near future. Exiting the station, i went left to go under the railtracks and go to the Azuchi castle museum. They have a very impressive model(scale 1/20) of the keep of the castle. This model can be opened to show the interior. Not to miss. I went back in front of the station to rent a bicycle. In the first shop there was nobody, so i went to the one right from the station. The fee to rent a bicycle depends on the time you'll use it. When i told the old man where i was going, he guessed i needed 5 hours, so the prize was set at 1000yen. Actually i used it a bit longer than that and i had to pay 300yen more. Ok, it's a little bit at the high end, but the old man gave me 3 maps. On the first one he told me the complete route for the sites i wanted to go. The second one was that of Azuchijo. Here again he showed me the route. The last one was for Kannonjijo. He was very helpful.The ruins of Azuchijo are impressive, but the access beyond the honmaru is still fenced off.(sorry RaymondW). After the castle i went to the Saga Prefectural Archeological museum. There are very nice artifacts, but especially several models of different castles.The fee is 1180yen, but then you have access to the museum of 'The house of Nobunaga'. I highly recommend to visit this facility. Inside is the reconstruction of the last 2 levels of the tenshukaku of Azuchijo. It was made using the old techniques. There is also a VR video of about 15min. This was amazing. You make the visit of the castle in presence of Luis Frois. I was stunned by the beauty of this video. You see that the hill of Azuchijo was almost completely surrounded by water, in those days. From there i went on to Kannonjijo.
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle 11/04/2012 I went today to this castle. Really a nice castle to go, even with bad weather, like i had. The castIe was surrounded by a cloud and from time to time i had to wait that the wind blowed a little bit to take a photo. I took a taxi up to the castle(1250yen). I didn't go to the ruins behind the castle, because the paths were too muddy and slippery. When i wanted to walk back, it was really heavily downpouring. I was actually fortune. A visitor(i saw 4 on the site) asked me where i was heading. He took me to the bukeyashiki, where i started a walk at the Old Orii residence to end at the Shorinji. The Orii home has very nice buildings with the one in the backyard having some arms and armors on display. This little town is a 'must go'.
Bitchu Takamatsu Castle 13/04/2012 I'm at home since monday evening. I'm still putting my photos and other stuff together from my journey in Japan. I visited this site after Kinojo. It is just 2 stations away. I intended to give this castle also to this site, damn Phibbyfan, lol. There is really not alot to see here, but i found the site interesting to visit. Actually there are 2 sites. The site of the castle and the site of the kawazugahana remnants. These are only 1km apart from each other and there are plenty of direction-signs (with english). On the site of the kawazugahana there are only explanations in japanese, but on the castle grounds there is 1 big panel with english translation. It is better to begin your visit with the kawazugahana. Just walk under the very big torii leading to the Saijo Inari shrine(you can't miss it). Turn right on the second little path to the site. From there follow the directions on the signs. You'll have to walk a little back to go to the castle remnants.It is interesting to note that the seppuku of Shimizu Munehara was the only condition for a truce between the Mori and Hashiba(later Toyotomi) Hideyoshi. Hashiba needed this truce, because he learned of the murder of Oda Nobunaga, his master, at Honnoji by Akechi Mitsuhide. He wanted to be the avenger and he did at the battle of Yamazaki. From this point Hashiba steadily grew in power to become the most prominent figure in Japan.
Echizen Katsuyama Castle 19/10/2010
Echizen Ohno Castle 20/10/2010 Yesterday i went to this castle. It's lookout is very nice. The castle(certainly concrete(lol)) has some artifacts on display. The city is commemorating the 430 years of it. There are some artifacts in the exhibition hall, but eveything is in japanese. For that i give the castle only 2 stars.
Edo Castle 12/05/2014; 06/04/2016; 09/05/2017; 14/12/2022 Since i was only visiting Tokyo for 2 days, i had to make a choice. Or visiting on sunday the Eastern gardens(closed on monday) or visiting today the palace grounds (closed on weekends). I decided to visit the palace grounds. I think it is more rewarding because you pass really next to the Fujimi-yagura and you see the Fushimi-yagura,which some parts are being restored. After the visit i did a complete tour around the park. There are alot of masugata-mon all over the place. It was really interesting. Next time i'll try to visit the eastern gardens.
Fukuchiyama Castle 24/10/2010 Today i visited this castle.It's a really nice reconstruction. The interior is a modern one with little artifacts on show, but with a very nice lookout. If you come/go from/to Kyoto, prepare to take a picture on the train. You will pass not that far from the castle and it's the unique chance to take a nice picture from afar. I discovered it too late and tried to make a photo on the train to Osaka. Sadly this line is further away from the castle.
Fukui Castle 18/10/2010 After Maruoka i had some time left for visiting Fukui.(my hotel is just next to the trainstation)Normally i don't visit castleruins, but i have to say that this one is interesting. There are some panels around the moat(in english too)telling the story of Fukui-city and -castle. In 2008 the Oroka-bridge was restored to celebrate the 400 years of Fukui-castle. It is a covered bridge and for this i give 2 stars.
Fukuoka Castle 11/04/2013 I arrived today in Japan and landed directly in Fukuoka. After visiting some temples and shrines i went to this site. Since it was raining this morning i took the subway to Asakasa-station. From there it is a small walk to the site. There are now very big excavations fo the diplomatic center Korokan of the Heian period. The first building entering the site of the castle is the information center. Don't miss it, they'll provide you with a map of the site in english. Look at the explanation-movie. You will see some 3d rendering of the castle. Go then to the Korokan where you can obtain the nihon 100 meijo stamp. From there follow the route on the map. You will go to every interesting place and building. There are lots of information panels(with english). The buildings and ishigaki are interesting.
Fukuyama Castle 18/04/2012 I went to this castle after visiting Suigunjo on Innoshima(not present on this site, but i'll give the info to the webmaster when back home). So i came from Onnomichi and saw the castle from the train. Since i use a JR-pass i have access to the Shinkansen-tracks without further costs. I took some photos from the track to Osaka. You may slide the windows to take photos, but don't forget to close them back. The castle is very impressive from the outside as stated below. Nevertheless i went inside and the artifacts on show are certainly worth the 200 yen entrance fee. Sadly nothing is translated. For the 2 original buildings on the site i give 4 stars to this castle.
Funai Castle 25/04/2013 The site has several reconstructed towers and some ishigaki. There is no museum. The nihon 100 meijo stamp is at the entrance of the cultural hall, which is on the castle-grounds. There is a lovely park next to the tenshukakudai. Imo the most interesting building on this site is the roukabashi, which is the only structure where you can enter.
Fushimi Castle 21/10/2010 I went here after Shoryuji castle. I completely agree with Raymond. It is a very nice reconstruction. It should be a 1,5 star, but this is not possible, so i give it 2 stars. It is closed, but i don't even know if it opens for the public. Perhaps on special occasions.
Futoge Castle 21/05/2017
Ganjaku Castle 12/04/2013
Gifu Castle 14/10/2010 I hiked up to this castle today.(@Webmater: little hike lol)It's a pitty that the montain is covered with trees, it's impossible to make a lot of nice photos of the castle. The castle itself isn't that fine(concrete), but the artifacts are interesting. Don't miss the little museum, which is in the price of the castle(200yen).
Goryokaku Fort 23/05/2015 Yesterday evening was chilly, but this morning the weather was already nice to visit this site. I took the streetcar from the Hakodate station to the Goryogakukoenmae. One ride is 230¥. From there it's about 1km to the Goryogaku tower. The entrance fee to the observatory is 840¥. You have a good view of the fort and of the city. After that i walked all around the site before entering the park. Like Kris said, there are numerous explanation boards all over the site. The entrance fee to the magistrate's office is 500¥. It's a very well reconstructed building. There is only one original structure. It's the white building on the photo, a little bit to the left of the centre. It's a storehouse and it's closed to the public. Since the weather was nice, i liked to stroll around.
Gujo Hachiman Castle 17/10/2010 Yesterday i went to this castle. The castle(concrete)is not that nice, but the location on the hill is splendid. The lookout is marvelous and there are alot of things to see in the little town.
Hachigata Castle 14/05/2017 Waiting for my train in Gyodashi station, after visiting Oshijo, a man came to me and asked me directly from where i was and what i was doing. I told him i visit castles and the following one was Hachigatajo. He told me that there was a Hojo matsuri today. We had a nice chat on the train. He asked me what the currency is in Belgium. Actually i had all the different coins in my wallet and a 50 billet. I showed him and he gave me 130yen for the 1? coin. I told him it was too much , but he insisted. So i gave him also the 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 cents. When he got of the train he went directly to a vending machine. He throwed the can to me just before the closing of the doors. When i arrived at Yorii station, i teceived immediately a paper with the activities concerning the matsuri. Since my first objective was the castle i walked straight to it. Walking over the Arakawa i saw from afar that a reenactment was going to start along the river. Over the river you are already on the grounds of the castle. Sadly, like stated in the other comments, some roads cross on the grounds. There are also some houses build on parts of it. Because of the matsuri some kuruwa wete also used as parking lot. Nevertheless i enjoyed the moats and embankments. Since the reenactment had begun when i reached the castle, i heard teppo cracking, cannons blasting and signal flares booming. This gave a nice atmosphere on the site. The show was over when i finished my castle visit, but i still encountered some brave samurai(it was hot today) and enjoyed some signing and eating. I gave only 1.5 stars to this site, because there are no buildings, apart from the only reconstructed door. But if you're interested in nice dorui, i highly recommend this place.
Hachioji Castle 10/05/2017 I hiked to the honmaru of this castle this morning. After that i went to the Tsumenoshiro and even to the Fujimidai. The trail to these last 2 destinations is fairly difficult. You really need to watch your step. Since it rained a little bit today, i slipped several times and i fell once on my bottom, but no harm. To get to the site i took a bus at busstop #1 at the north exit of Takao station. I asked the busdriver if he went to the castle. Since it's a weekday i had to get off at Reienmae-Hachiojijoato. The ride is 180 yen. From there it's about 1.5 km to the guidance centre, where i got my 100 meijo stamp. On the trails after the honmaru i encountered nobody. At some times i thought i was no more on track, but then i saw a signpost. The site is very well signposted.(sometimes only in japanese).
Hamamatsu Castle 08/04/2009 I was a little disappointed by this castle. The location isn't very nice and the armors inside are replicas.
Hikone Castle 16/10/2010; 25/05/2017 This is really a must. The site is marvelous and the castle is very nice. There is not alot to see in the castle, but the structure alone is breathtaking. There are alot of structures where you can go inside. I paid 1000yen for the castle, museum and garden. If you want to see the castle alone it is 600yen. The museum has some artifacts related to the Sengokujidai, but most of it consists of tea-ceremony, noh-theatre and music instruments. The museum is actually a reconstruction of the goten, so you can feel how it was living in those buildings.
Himeji Castle 19/04/2004; 20/01/2008; 28/04/2013; 29/03/2016 I'm back in Japan, but I'm not going to do a castle-run this year. I'm accompying a friend's daughter for her first journey to Japan. Of course this castle could not be left aside for the voyage. Today we went to the castle. We had to do the queue for one hour before entering the tenshukaku, then it was some kind of a constant walk in the donjon, because so much people were inside. It was still interesting to see the structure without the weapons and armors. I saw also a model of the castle during the time of Kuroda Kanbei. Of course it had nothing to do with the actual castle. Doing the queue was somehow annoying but i still enjoyed the visit. For info the staff closed the castle's entry earlier, because of the great number of visitors.
Hirado Castle 18/04/2013 Nice castle to visit. They at least tried to put some colors resembling wood. You are able to take photos of everything. After the castle i visited some other places of interest in the city. One for samurai-history-fans is surely the Matsura historical museum. From there you can take a picture of almost all towers of the castle afar. Inside you may take pictures without flash. The artifacts are really wonderfull. They have a byoubu(folding screen) of the battle of Nagashino, and some other battles. I first had planned to take the train from Sasebo-station, but i decided to use the bus. You have to take it at busstop 2 in front of the east-exit of Sasebo-station. You can take it to the busterminal at Hirado, but i went off at the Saiwai-bridge.(the fee is the same : 1300yen) from there it is easy to walk to the castle or anywhere in the city. The time with the bus is 1h30min. This is the same time from Sasebo-station to Tabirahirdoguchi-station. The fee for the train is 1190yen, but you still have to take a bus or walk to Hirado(4.5km) The way back is very easy, the end-stop of the bus is at the Sasebo-station.
Hirosaki Castle 25/05/2015 I finally visted the 12 castles with original tenshukaku. The yaguramon were indeed very impressive as noted by Eric. The moat in front of the honmaru is covered and they are preparing to move the tenshukaku to the centre of the honmaru. Some trees and other plants were being moved this morning. The tenshukaku is closed due to the repairs, but it was still on its original place. After the castle i visited the bukeyashiki in the north, just behind the kamenokomon. They are free of charge, only the Ishiba residence is 100¥. The old lady there gave me an english explanation of the place. First i thought it was for me to keep, but actually you have to read it and give it back.
Hiroshima Castle 25/04/2012 This is a beautiful castle from the outside, at least the reconstructed yagura of the ninomaru are in traditional materials and add alot to the prestige of this place. The museum in the tenshukaku is a decent one and worth a visit. I find it a bit less photogenic than Imabarijo, because of the tall buildings almost around the site.
Hitoyoshi Castle 21/04/2013 The weather was nice today, not like yesterday, and this made the visit to this site more interesting. It is a nice park to stroll around and the reconstructed buildings are well done. In the little museum you'll find the nihon 100 meijo stamp.
Hotta no Saku 26/05/2015 Today i did 3 sites, but the 2nd isn't on this site. It isn't a castle, just a fenced off settlement of the end of the Jomon period and early Yayoi period. So i began my day with Hotta no Saku. I took the train to Omagari and then a taxi to the site. The drive is 2610¥. On the other side of the street is a small museum containing almost only Jomon pottery. They accepted to take my backpack untill i had visited the castle. I went to the small information building, where you can see a short film about the site. There are small bikes to use freely on the site. You receive a map with the roads where you may ride and where you have to walk with the bike. On the castle-site were a group of about 20 elderly people playing some kind of mini-golf. There is a rebuild storehouse where they put their stuff. After going around with the bike i returned to the museum to get my backpack. They friendly called for a taxi. All the facilities are free of charge.
Ichijodani Castle 20/05/2017 This morning i took the Thunderbird from Kanazawa to Fukui. There i took the Wanman to Ichijodani. I first visited the Asakura ruins museum. You can buy a combination ticket for the reconstructed street and this museum for 230 yen. I then followed the route indicated on the map in front of the museum. I recommend this, because you'll pass a lot of interesting places. The route brings you to the reconstructed street. The homes are very interesting. I was stunned by the number of wells all over the place. All homes had 1 or 2 of them, even inside. There were canals bringing water everywhere. I went to the Kamikido or entrance defence in the south of the valley. From there i visited the ruins of the several yakata and the Karamon. But i didn't find a trail to go to the top of the mountain. I went back to the entrance of the reconstructed street and asked how i could get on the top. The lady told me to go to the Hachiman shrine and follow the trail next to it. She asked if i had a 'kumazukuri' (bear repellent or bell). I had seen several warning signs about the bears, but i told her i didn't had a repellent. She told me to yell at the bear in the event of an encounter. I went to the Hachiman shrine and at its foot is a sign indicating the trail to the mountain top. It's a 1.5km trail. First follow the road, going right of the shrine. Some meters farther you'll see a sign indicating the trail to the left. It's a very small trail and not always easy. I had put my good walking shoes, and i was happy to have done so. I went to the San no maru ato, but the trail goes further. A sign at the san no maru ruin indicates it's the end of the yamashiro. It took me 1 hour to get there and I'm happy to have done it. Do not expect a lot there. Apart of the trail, everything is overgrown. There are only boards telling you where you are and indicating the other locations. After that i went back to the station and i had the train of 15h46. Plan carefully, because like stated in the notes, there aren't a lot of trains passing at this station. I highly recommend to visit this site, but because of the state of the castle i give it only 2 stars.
Iga Ueno Castle 11/10/2010; 12/12/2022 2 days ago i went to this castle. I liked it very much, with its great walls and the artifacts on show. Kids and adults can disguise in shinobi(this is the land of the ninja) and i saw alot of little ninjas wandering. I also visited the ninjahouse in the parc. Its a nice museum(with english explanations) and you can attend a ninjashow. They demonstrate the use of some ninja-weapons, but it's only in japanese. I walked to the castle and took the train back, because some of them have ninjas painted on them.
Ikeda Castle 29/04/2013 What can i add to the comment of RaymondW. There is a drawing in the tower showing how the castle really looked in the Sengoku-jidai. This is a lovely park to go.
Imabari Castle 23/04/2012 The site of this castle is very photogenic. You are able to take very nice pictures from almost every side of the castle, walking around the very large moat. 5 years ago they have rebuild some aditional yagura and the kuroganegomon in original materials. For this i give it 4 stars(the tenshukaku is in concrete, at least inside they tried to hide it with wooden planking). The collection of armors is very impressive. At the entrance they told me that they possess the 2nd most important number of armors that a castle in Japan has. I really recommend this castle when you're in the vicinity.
[[]] 18/04/2012
Inuyama Castle 15/10/2010; 28/05/2017 Went today to this castle as well as Komakijo. This one is really a must do. Very nice structures and location. If you are in the vicinity, visit this castle>
Iwakuni Castle 24/04/2012 Like RaymondW wrote about this castle, it deserves 3 stars because of the site, not for the castle in itself. The castle is nice from the outside but too dull in the inside. Some nice swords indeed, but only one armor. The view from it is very beautifull. You can buy a ticket at the entrance of the Kintaikyo-bridge for 930yen. It gives you access to the bridge, the use of the ropeway in both directions and the castlekeep. You receive a reduction of 100yen for the Kikkawa museum and for the museum of arts. I went to the Kikkawa museum, but there are almost only scrolls to be seen, There was only one armor and one daisho. For the 400yen, you still have to pay, i found it a little too much. The Mekata residence is interesting as is the Kikkojinja. There are also some white snakes for 100yen to see, next to the Mekata residence. I found them interesting.
Iwasaki Castle 04/05/2014 After Kiyosu i visited this castle. To get there i went back to Nagoyastation. Since i bought a Donichi Eco-pass i used the subways. First to Marunouchi and from there to Akaike. This is the last subway station on that line. Beware the train continues but on the Meitetsu line. From Akaikestation i took a Kurorinbasu to Ontakeguchi(200yen). There are only 1 bus per hour to 1h and half. It takes 15min to Ontakeguchi and from there 5min walking to the castle. From the busstop you see the castle. The castlegrounds were somewhat interesting, but the interior of the castle was void of any thing interesting. The entrance is free. I liked the fact that families may put replica-armors to walk around. I saw alot of kawaii bushi LOL.
Iyo Matsuyama Castle 21/04/2012 This is a wonderful site to visit : alot of ishigaki and original buildings. I used the ropeway up the hill(260yen) and walked down trough the ninomaru garden. At the castle i encountered an english speaking guide who proposed me to make the visit together. He was astonished by my knowledge about japanese castle. We walked almost 3 hours on the site. I have to say that the buildings are very nice. In the taikoyagura(drumturret) you may play on the drum and on the first floor of the tenshukaku you may put on a complete armor(all the parts are present, but a little bit weared off). When i arrived there 2 japanese men were adossing the armors(there are 2 actually). I noticed to 1 of them that he had put the dou(torso) in the wrong direction. The backplate was at his front. I own a replica armor at home, in metal, which i put on on some occasions like the Japan-Expo or the kodomohi in the japanese garden in Hasselt(Belgium). I saw that they didn't know how to put the kote on. I decided to put one of the armors on. Apart from the sode(shoulderprotcections) and sashimono(backflag) i don't need help to put on an armor. I was going faster than the guy next to me who was helped by 4 friends. It was really funny and they laughed alot because they had to look at a gaijin how to put on a japanese tousei gusoku. This castle for its buildings, ishigaki and outstanding views from it mertis at large its 5 stars. If you are visiting Shikoku, surely don't miss this one.
Kagoshima Castle 23/04/2013 Hmmm, ah yes, there isn't alot to see here. You have everything with the photos posted. The nihon 100 meijo stamp is at the information desk of the Reimeikan(museum on the castlegrounds. At least the museum contained some interesting artifacts. Sometimes i'm puzzled how a castle made it to the nihon 100 meijo. This one probably for its history. I went also to the observatory on the Shiroyama. The view is outstanding and Sakurajima is a must see.
Kakegawa Castle 08/04/2009; 29/05/2017
Kameyama Castle 07/05/2014 The works are done and i'll send some photos to the webmaster when back home. There is really not much to see here. If i wasn't in the vicinity, i wouldn't get at this site.
Kaminoyama Castle 14/05/2015 After Yamagatajo i went to this castle. The entrance is under repair, but you still can take some nice pictures of the tenshukaku. It's a nice museum inside and there are now a lot of english explanations as Kris tend to say there weren't when he visited. I confirm, there are a lot stairs ;-)This castle is only to visit if you are in the vicinity.
Kanayama Castle 16/05/2017 After Ashikagashi yakata i went to this site. I was a bit lazy this morning, so i took a taxi to the guidance centre/museum. The ride is 1370¥. I have nothing to add to the comments here below. It is indeed a very nice place to visit. I followed the recommendations and visited the Kinryûji and Daikoin on my way back to the station. This time i walked and it's easy. Just follow the street down the hill and when you arrive at a t-junction, take left. After a moment you'll see a sign indicating the station at 100 m.
Kanazawa Castle 14/01/2008; 19/05/2017 This is my 3rd visit to Kanazawa. The 2 first visits were in organized tours and the castle wasn't on the schedule. The first time i saw the Ishikawamon from the entrance of the Kenrokuen and the second time we went through this gate and i saw the Gojikken nagaya with its turrets, but that was it. Today i made the tour completely. I began with the Oyama shrine, where a nice statue of Maeda Toshiie on horse, stands. I went to the castle grounds and made a tour before the buildings opened. Sadly during the week the Sanjikken nagaya and the Tsurumaru storehouse stay closed. Apparently they are only open during the weekend. The reconstructed buildings are really a must see.From the castle i went to the Seisonkaku. I skipped the Kenrokuen. I saw it 2 times before. The Seisonkaku has very beautiful shoin zukuri and sukiya zukuri rooms. It is very well known for this.I went on to the Prefectural history museum and the Kaga-Honda museum. These are former storehouses in red bricks. They have some nice artifacts.I went there after to the nagamachi. I visited the Maeda Tosanokami museum, the Shinise merchant house, the Nomura house, the nagayamon of the former Takada home and the ashigaru Shiryokan. These are all interesting buildings.This evening i went back to the castle. To see the castle lit up. There was also a light and music show in the inner garden. There is a calendar for it. I received it at the information booth in the Kanazawa station, when i asked about the castle.I highly recommend to visit this site. Don't forget to ask an english pamphlet in the Kahokumon. You receive one on request.
Kannonji Castle 24/05/2017 I saw a model of the kuruwa of this castle in the Shiga Prefectural Archeological museum. This was a very impressive castle. But today it isn't. I went through the Kuwanomidera grounds(fee still 300yen). But after the temple, the trail likes abandoned. There are fallen trees across it. From recent rainfall some sections of the stones are washed away. In some places i was literally walking in a small creek. Then i arrived at the hon no shiro and made a tour around it. I saw the signposts with the names of 4 baileys, including the hon no shiro. There were several other kuruwa, but without names. Since i got a map at the bicycle rental, with only the names of the 4 signposted kuruwa, i couldn't make out which was what.I saw nobody on this site. It was a very big contrast with Azuchijo. If this site wasn't in the proximity of Azuchijo, i would probably not have gone.
Karatsu Castle 15/04/2013 This castle merits it's 3.5 stars. Like RaymondW mentionned earlier there are works goning on. Actually they have removed some part of the ishigaki of the tenshudai. I asked a friendly english speaking staffmember when the works will end. They don't know, because during the repairs they have found some original walls. Some parts of the works are halted for studying the discoveries.
Kasugayama Castle 16/05/2014 After Takadacastle i went to this site. Due to strong, very stong, winds the trains were delayed. I arrived at 2.30pm instead of 12.52am. Normally the ride from Takada-station to Kasugayama-station is 4min. The first building i went to was the Joetsu-shi deposit cultural assets center. Next to it is a statue of Uesugi Kenshin on his horse. Inside is a little museum(only in japanese, but free). I asked about the 100 meijo stamp and they send me to the Monogatari Holl(written like this on the map). From there i went to the Kasugajinja and the Rinsenji. I highly recommend to visit the museum of this last temple. It contains alot of artifacts : weapons, armors, scrolls... Some replica armors used in the Taiga doramas 'Fuurinkazan' and 'Tenchijin' were also on display. From there i went to the Kasugayamajinja and so on to the honmaru. I was stunned by the lot of boards explaining, in japanese and english, what stood actually there in it's heyday. I didn't expect that. The view from the honmaru is splendid. When i arrived there the wind became strong again and some menacing clouds were coming in, so i decided to take as much as pictures as i could of the panels i encountered, to read them later. I managed to get at the train-station for the train of 5.42pm. The site is really incredible. Even without buildings i give it 2.5stars, also including the shrines and the temple.
Katsuren Castle 09/05/2015 After Nakagusukujo i went to this castle. I went to a different busstop and i was lucky when i arrived the bus came in. I got off bus #30 at Koza and went to the busstop for bus #52. This bus stops right at the foot of Katsurenjo. The name of the busstop is Katsurenjoatomae. The site is like Nakagusukujo with some subtle differences. There are signboards all over the place with english translations and QR-codes for some extra explanations. The site has free wifi. The view from the top is outstanding, but beware of the wind. After visiting the castle i went inside the building on the parking lot. It's an informationcentre and shop. Some small artifacts are on show. There is a nice model of the castle like it was in its heyday. There is also a leaflet in english. Some parts of the castle are under reconstruction. The site is free of charge. To get back to Naha it's easy. The bus#52 goes all the way to the centre of Naha. I payed 1190yen, but I got off at the kokusaidori. This was my last castle on Okinawa. Tomorrow i'll be elsewhere.
Kawagoe Castle 10/05/2017 I spend the whole day in Kawagoe. I visited a lot of temples and shrines. Like stated below, the Kita-in has the last buildings of the goten of Edojo. These were moved there to rebuild the temple. The goten of Kawagoejo is a must see. The mound of the Fujimiyaguraato is somewhat a letdown. If you buy a combination ticket of 600yen, you'll have access to the goten, the City museum, the City Art museum and the festival museum. There are several combinations, if you're not interested in the 4 musea. In the City museum you'll find a model of Kawagoe city during the Edo-period. The castle is very detailed. Another interesting museum, if you're interested in weapons and armors, is the small History museum. You are allowed to take pictures of everything. I spend more than 1h in that museum. The employees are eager to give some information. No really Kawagoe merits that you spend a complete day to visit.
Kawanoe Castle 14/04/2012 After visiting Marugamejo, i went to this castle. It suffered alot in mine opinion due it's a concrete reconstruction and Marugame is an original. At least they tried to make it to ressemble a wooden construction, but not the staircase. The collection inside the tenshu is somewhat interesting. I actually paid nothing to access the tenshu. When i was entering the attendee told me that i had nothing to pay because i was a foreigner. There are 3 buildings on the site, namely: the tenshu, a yaguramon and a suzumeyagura. The park next to the castle was very nice with the sakura in full bloom. The site is very easy to access : exiting the JR-Kawanoe-station you will see a roofed street right before you. Take this street straight ahead untill a T-crossroads. Go left and then the first to the right and you are up to the castle.
Kikuchi Castle 20/04/2013 The site is a big one, with alot of strolling paths all around, but there are only the four mentionned buildings to see. In the reception-building you will receive a leaflet in english and you can enjoy a little documentary about the history of the site.(there are english subtitles) You can take a bus bound for Kikuchi onsen(spa, on the bus) from busstop 1, left at the east-exit of Kumamoto-station. The number on the bus is ??1 or ??3(kita(north) 1 or 3). I got off at the busterminal in Kikuchi center. The fee is 790yen. From there i took a taxi, but it i not that far(3km) so i walked back to the busterminal. After the terminal the bus goes in the opposite direction of Kikuchicastle.
Kinojo 13/04/2012 This is a very interesting site to visit. I did like the webmaster tells in the notes. They were very helpfull at the Information desk at the Okayama-station. I paid for the taxi-ride 1650yen. The entry to the site is free of fee, but for the effort of maintaining the site and reconstruction i bought the small book(500yen). Even if you don't read japanese, there are alot of interesting pictures and photos inside. There is another book(2000yen) with more indepth information, but too complicated for me. About the site itself: the reconstructed portions are very well done and this is really something different from other castles. I walked the full trail and indeed the view is marvelous. One advice : put your good walking-shoes on, some parts of the trail aren't that easy. I walked back to Hattori-station. The route is very simple : go straight ahead until you see the railroad, then turn to the left and you should see the station.
Kishiwada Castle 08/10/2010; 08/12/2022 I visited this castle today. It is a nice little castle. You can take pictures of it from around the outer and inner bailey, which i found really nice.
Kitanosho Castle 18/10/2010 After Fukuijo i visited this place(not far from each other). I really don't know what to say about this one. There is almost nothing left. Only the statue of Shibata Katsuie is nice. I give it 1 star because of the story behind this castle.
Kitsuki Castle 25/04/2013 The building is a simple concrete museum, but what did my day is that you are allowed to take pictures of everything inside, and there are some very interesting artifacts. The view from the tower is marvelous. When i arrived at the station i was lucky to encounter an old japanese tourist who was looking to get to the castle. When he saw he had to wait for a bus he adressed a taxi. He heard that i was looking to go to the castle and asked me to go with him. I agreed and he insisted to pay the full fee of the taxi. He spoke english and he was a great token in the castle and after that we went to the samurai residences in the vicinity. Kitsuki is known to have alot of bukeyashiki(samurai-residences) and i confirm that the streets are interesting to visit.
Kiyosu Castle 04/05/2014 I went this morning to this castle. The park with the statue of Oda Nobunaga is easy to reach from the JR Kiyosustation. Outside the station turn right and follow the tracks as much as possible. Just before the red brigde leading to the castle go right under the railroadtracks and it is just on the right side. The castle itself was a little disappointing. Being such an historical important place i tought there would have been explanations in english. But nope, everything in japanese and mine is not that good. There were more apparatus of Taiga Dorama and replicas on show than really interesting artifacts. It was confusing to see some replicas and real stuff almost together.
Kochi Castle 16/04/2012 This is really a nice castle to visit. You have access to all the buildings in the honmaru and you may take photos of everything. The goten was in very good condition and it's nice to see one just next the tenshukaku. I gave it 4.5 stars because it can't compare to Himeji and Matsumoto, but i really recommend a visit to this castle.
Kofu Castle 02/04/2009; 13/05/2014 I revisted this site today. I was woried by the weather, but after a rainy morning it was very sunny and warm. I leisurely visited the site. I took more than 120 photos(i think my record on one site) and i really enjoyed the reconstructed parts. For info one of the kuroganemon of the honmaru has been reconstructed. It was finished last year. It would be nice if one day the complete castle should be reconstructed, but the railroad-tracks would be in the way.
Kokura Castle 12/04/2013 Nothing to add to the comment of RaymondW, apart that i liked to stroll around in the streets of Kokura. There are alot of informationpanels on the streets with a map indicating where you are and the interesting spots surrounding the spot where you are. I arrived too early this morning and the infodesk at the station was still closed, but with the afore mentionned pannels you don't need any other map.
Komaki Castle 15/10/2010 After Inuyama, this castle was really disapointing. No possibility to make nice pictures, and not alot to see inside the castle. Nothing in English. Consolation : entryfee is 100yen. I wanted to see both sides of the Komaki\Nagakute Campaign, but i won't recommend visiting this castle.
Komoro Castle 07/04/2009
Koyama Castle 20/12/2019 After Tanakajô i went to Koyamajô. I took a bus Tômei Yaizu Nishi bus stop on the IC E1, direction Sagara bus base. After a 15min ride i payed 410¥, i descended at the 'Kataoka Kita Yoshida Tokubetsu Shien Gakko'. Wow what a name for a bus stop. Luckily i had that printed in japanese and showed it at the bus driver. Before arriving at this stop you'll see the castle tenshu popping from the trees on the hill it stands on your right. The castle tenshu is a horrible mock construction, not even where a building ever stood, but it's the defensive features of the real castle that are interesting. A serie of 3 ditches follow one behind the other. The lady inside the castle was pleased to see a foreigner visiting the site. After telling her i'm a Takeda Shingen fan, she gave me a small booklet about the castle during the Sengoku period(all in japanese). It contains a nice drawing and plan of the castle in its heyday. Some nice artifacts are on show in the mock tenshu. Alas most armours are replicas. From the bus stop with that long name i took a bus for Shizuoka station. It's a 40min drive for 800¥.
Kubota Castle 26/05/2015 After visiting the Jomon/Yayoi settlement, by name Jizoden Yoyoikko, i went to this castle. There isn't alot to see here. The guardhouse was interesting but i was dissapointed by the Osumiyagura. There is only a model of the castle in its heyday and the view from the top floor. 100¥ isn't a lot of money too. I visited also the Satake historical museum. Entry fee also 100¥. This was really rewarding. There are numerous artifacts such as armors, jinbaori(jacket worn over the armor) and hata(flags). The castle-site is a beautiful garden and somehow this is also a problem. The trees hide a lot of the embankments.
Kumamoto Castle 19/04/2013 This is really a fabulous caslte to visit. I spent the whole day at the site. I didn't had enough with 1 pair of eyes to look at everything. Nevertheless i give it only 4.5 stars because of that little, very little black spot that is the concrete tenshukaku.
Marugame Castle 14/04/2012 Did 2 castles today. This one and Kawanoejo. This castle is easy to access from the JR-Marugame-station. I walked around the outer bailey before entering. It's a vast terrain. When i passed the Ote Ichinomon gate i went to the information desk. I got a little leaflet and a double coupon. 1 coupon halves the price of the entrance to the tenshu (200yen->100yen) The other gives 30% off the entrance to Nakazu Banshoen(garden) (1000yen->700yen). The way up to the tenshu is very steep. The sakura in the ninomaru were loosing their petals. There were still alot with flowers. This gave a nice pink blanket. The tenshu is very small, containing some artifacts. The museum in the outer bailey is free to go. It has not alot to show, but some of the kabuto i saw were really unusual. For ishigaki-lovers, this is a place to go, these are really impressive.
Maruoka Castle 18/10/2010 Today i went to this castle. Because of the beautiful weather i decided to walk from Maruoka-station(4.5km). This is a neat castle to visit because it's Japan's oldest authentic keep. There is nothing displayed in the tenshu, but the structure alone is worth the visit. With the ticket for the castle you have access to the little museum beneath the keep. There are some realy interesting artifacts on display, like a piece of an uma-yoroi (horse-armor).
Matsue Castle 26/04/2012 This castle is certainly deserving its 5 stars. Like the webmaster told in his notes the pictures of this castle don't make it justice. I didn't believed my eyes when i saw this very big keep and its interior. The artifacts on show on the 2nd floor are plenty and wonderful. I visited the bukeyashiki after it. You can take a leaflet at the information facility just outside the station whereupon are the facilities you get a percentage off the entrance-fee when you are a foreigner. Most of the time the price is halved, by others you get 30% off the fee.
Matsumae Castle 22/05/2015 This morning i went to this castle. From Hakodate to Kikonai with the train and then with the bus to Matsumae. For the train i have the JR-PASS and one way drive with the bus is 1250¥. The honmaru gomon and the reconstructed gates are nice but the tenshukaku being in concrete is a let down. I went to several other sites in the city. I'm certain that the place must be very beautiful with the sakura in full bloom. There are some very special specimens in the castle park.
Matsumoto Castle 06/04/2009; 14/05/2014 Revisited this very beautiful site today. For me still the most beautiful castle of Japan. The works at the red bridge and at the eastern side of the honmaru are still being done. Otherwise the buildings are accessible. I made a tour with a english speaking guide. There were alot at the site and were really willing to make a tour. I had a great time with him and we learned some stuff from each other. My guide and the others were astonished by my knowledge of their history. They asked me if i could stay longer and be a guide for french- and dutch-speaking visitors, LOL. I asked about the goten. The city want to rebuild it, but like it was. On that purpose they asked people to provide them with photos and/or plans of the goten during the Edo-period. Unfortunately untill now nobody showed up.
Matsusaka Castle 07/05/2014 Went today to this site. There are alot of ishigaki, but because the site is a park, big parts are obstructed by trees all around the place. Nevertheless interesting to visit. The History and folklore museum was closed, i suppose because it was after a holiday. I managed to collect the 100 meijo stamp at the other museum on the castlegrounds.
Matsushiro Castle 14/04/2009; 17/05/2017 Today i went first to the Zenkoji in Nagano. Its reputation is well deserved. From there i went to the Kawanakajima battlefield. I used an Alpico 1-day ticket. For 1400yen you may use several buses to Zenkoji from Nagano station and the bus 30, from bus stop 3, bound for Matsushiro. If you go only to Matsushiro, it isn't interesting. The one way ride is 650yen. This ticket is available at the Alpico information office, next busstop 7, Zenkoji exit of the Nagano station. After Kawanakajima i went to the castle. The busstop now is Matsushiro station. The station is still there. It gave me a strange feeling, since i got off the train there 8 years ago. The castle grounds are well preserved. There are lots of information panels. This time the weather was outstanding and i enjoyed strolling around. After that i visited the Sanada residence, which was closed for repairs 8 years ago. You can buy a multi-ticket, which give you, for 500yen, access to this building, to the Sanada treasures museum and the Bunbu school. In the Sanada residence i encountered a guide, who didn't spoke english. Nevertheless she insisted to guide me. I almost understood everything, but some times i didn't. So when a young visitor came along, the guide grabbed him as translator. His english was as good as mine japanese, but he stayed with us and together we saw some parts of the building that are off limits for visitors. Then i visited the treasure museum. Sadly you aren't allowed to take pictures, but at the end you can put an armor on for free. I went on to the Shirai yashiki, which was also closed 8 years ago. From there i went to the Bunbu school. I saw 2 men practising iaido. I continued to the Zozan jinja and the Yamadera Jozan yashiki. Here the lady gave me a little tour of the building. She spoke a little bit english. I went on to the Yokata yashiki (200yen fee, the others are free). From there i got at the bell tower. It was already 5pm. I didn't went to the other yashiki. The opening hours are from 9am to 5pm. The places are well signposted. This is a great site to visit.
Minowa Castle 29/05/2015 I went this morning to this castle, after getting the very useful map at the Visitor information office in Takasaki station. At busstop #2 in front of West-exit of the station i took a bus bound for Misato. The lady at the Visitor office, told me to get off at Misatomotomachi. I saw in my book for collecting the 100meijo stamp that it was better to get off one stop earlier, Tamachi (Misato Tamachi, there is also one at Takasaki). The stamp is at the mayorhouse not so far from this busstop. The busride was 510yen. From the mayorhouse to the castle it's about 2 km. I entered at the shiroyama iriguchi to stroll around the trails. The horikiri are really impressive. I can easily imagine that attacking such a castle must have been difficult. The works are going on for the gates and bridges. I saw some piles of sand, stones and gravel next to the ni-no-maru. Interesting place to visit if you are in the vicinity.
Mito Castle 12/05/2017 After Tsuchiura i went to Mito. Exiting north of the station you'll find a nice statue of Mito Komon and several information panels about the castle and how to get there. Like stated below there are schools all over the place and like in Tsuchiura they are surrounded by walls giving a castle feeling. There are information boards all over the place in 4 languages. The big yakuimon(2 first photo's) is accessible to the public from 08h30 untill 16h30. When i arrived at the site of the Otemon i was happy to see that some work has begun to rebuild it. It is scheduled to be done for 09/09/2019. The Kodokan is a must see as the Kobuntei in the Kairakuen. This last is one of the 3 most beautiful gardens in Japan. Now i've done the 3???! One let down was the history museum. Nothing in english and the 2 kabuto and the 1 armor are replicas.
Morioka Castle 19/05/2015 Been to this site in the morning rain. I don't have a lot to add at the other comments. It's easy to reach. I discovered that the museum is closed on every 3rd tuesday of the month, but you still can obtain the 100 meijo stamp at the Plaza Odette building a little bit further from the museum.
Nagahama Castle 16/10/2010 This castle is beautiful and the artifacts on show are interesting. The view from the upper floor is amazing. You have a clear view on Biwa-lake.
Nagashino Castle 05/05/2014 Today was the Nagashino kassen nobori matsuri. I thougt it would be cancelled due to the bad weather of today, but it still took place. First i visited the Shitaragahara historical museum and the fence against the cavalry. You get of at Mikawatogo-station and from there it's abaout 1.3km. The museum has alot of teppou(matchlock guns) on display and other artifacts. You may take photos of almost everything unless otherly stated. The entrance fee is 400 for this museum combined with the Nagashinojou-museum. The Nagashinojou-station is 3 stations away. When i arrived at the castle site there were some teppoutai firing their guns. I took some photos and filmed some sequences. I really didn't tought they should fire their guns with the awfull weather. The museum has nice artifacts on show and almost every text is translated in english. Of the castle site was really not alot to see, because some of the parts were used, and thus offlimits, for the gunners to put on their armors. I give 2 stars not for the Nagashinojou alone, but for the sites combined.
Nagoya Castle 09/04/2009; 02/05/2014; 19/12/2019 I'm back in Japan for a new castle-tour. I arrived today and visited, for the second time, this castle. I wanted to visit the reconstruction of the goten(palace) during the process. It is really worth to go. You may also see the construction from above of the 2 not yet completed parts. The second part is scheduled for 2016 and the last one for 2018. There are other parts of the castle being restored, but this shouldn't retain you of going. The Nogi storehouse and the northwest corner tower were open to public. Because it's the Golden Week, i thougt there'll be a lot of people, but nope, the grounds were really enjoyable. A last thing : when you buy a day-ticket for the subway or during the weekend a donichi eco-ticket, and you show it at the entrance, you get 100yen reduction.
Nakagusuku Castle 09/05/2015 To answer your question Eric, yes i visited today 2 other Okinawan castles. Nakagusukujo was first. Since the bus terminal is almost closed i took the bus #30 in front of the Ryubo department store. I told the busdriver where i was heading and he stopped at the busstop at 2 km from the site. The fee is 750yen. The site is nicely maintained and is bigger than I thought. At the admission counter you receive a leaflet in english and the indication panels are translated. Like all okinawan castles it is completely different from japanese ones, being built during the Ryukyu period.
Nakamura Castle 17/04/2012
Nakatsu Castle 26/04/2013 For a concrete reconstruction, it's a nice one. It's not too far from the station. There are alot of interesting artifacts on show and you're allowed to take pictures. One of the doors of the castle, outside the actual castle-grounds, is used as one of the entrances of a school. The ishigaki of the Otemon are still present, but engulfed by modern buildings. You see that the people of Nakatsu is pleased by the choice of the next Taiga dorama personnage, namely Kuroda Kanbei. You see flags and other stuff everywhere about it.
Ne Castle 24/05/2015 I completely agree with the webmaster's notes. This is a very interesting site to visit. Exiting from the east exit of Hachinohe station, take the bus P8 at busstop #1, get off at Nejo busstop. Before arriving there you'll see the castle-site to your left. The ride costs 200yen. The entrance fee for the museum, which i also recommend, and the castle is 400yen. I had a chat with a guide at the honmaru. He told me several interesting things and he showed me a gingko tree which was 700 years old. It was there when the castle was build. The guide and other persons in the area liked my t-shirt. I wore one with the fūrinkazan on it. Apparently the Nanbu are related to the Takeda. One of their kamon is the yonbishi. The Nanbu moved from Kai province some time before the building of Nejo. The bus to Hachinohe station is the 60 or 63. There are several other busses passing at the Nejo busstop, but they don't go to this station.
Nihonmatsu Castle 11/05/2015 After Shirakawajo i went to this one. What can I say more than the other comments? The hike to the site from the station is pleasant. The site itself is vast. There are a lot of trails, roads, paths and stairs all over the place. Like already stated below, a lot of explanation boards, with english translations, really thumbs up, are present. I think i didn't saw them all, because of the maze of trails. The view from the tenshukakudai, which is completely repaired, is astonishing. I met my first japanese snake on the site. I first thought it was a big twig, about 80cm long, on the stair, but when I got my foot over it, it spurred into the grass. I asked a passerby if these are dangerous, but apparently they aren't. 'No poison' he told me.
[[]] 23/04/2004; 16/01/2008; 31/03/2016 I visited this wonderful site again today. The great eastern gate is now being restored and completely under scaffolds. It remains the entrance to the castle. The exhibition hall was also closed, but we enjoyed the visit of the palace. I got my 100 meijo stamp under a tent to the right after entering the castle grounds.
[[]] 06/05/2014; 13/12/2022 After Okazaki, i went to this castle. The Ushitorayagura and museum were open and it's free. I could also take photos of everything in the museum which contains some nice armors and other artifacts. The reconstructed gate is very well done. I don't see any images or commentary of the reconstructed tenshukakudai. This has a very newish look and apparently they are still making work on the west side of it. I give it only 2.5 stars because there is no tenshu, but don't hesitate to visit. It will be nice to see some other parts reconstructed.
[[]] 24/04/2013 Obi city is a nice place to visit. For 600yen you have access to 7 buildings in the area of the castle. When the lady who sold me the ticket asked me if i came with a train, i showed her my JR-Pass. She deduced 100yen from the fee, because i came with the train. The grounds of the castle are interesting and the museum on the castleground have very nice artifacts. The Matsu no maru contains a very nice reconstructed nobleman's residence. If you have time try to spend certainly half a day in this little city.
[[]] 25/05/2017 After visiting Hikone i arrived at Kawake station just after noon. I went inside the station to ask if there was a bus for the castle. There wasn't, but he asked me if i wanted to rent a bicycle. Like RaymondW mentioned, you pay 1000yen, but receive 500yen back on returning the bicycle. I bought also the small brochure mentioned in the notes. The renderings are very well done. I visited the museum at the foot of the castle. After that i took the trail along the honmaru, the Oozuku castle ruins and descended the other way round. I had a lunch with me and ate at the Oozuku castle ruin.The signs all over the place make it a more enjoyable experience than Kannonjijo as noted below.
[[]] 10/05/2017 After Hachiojijo i walked to this site. The distance is about 3km, but from the Sokanji(temple at the foot of the hill of Hachiojijo), you did already 1km. At this temple turn left and go trough the Reien(a cemetery). Go straight ahead until a t-junction. Follow to the right and when you arrive on the road 61 go left. You'll arrive at the tunnel whereupon the castle stands. Actually i didn't find any signs indicating the castle so i asked passersbies and the third one could indicate me the way. So when you're in front of the tunnel, on the right side of the road are some stairs. Go up and turn left. Go straight ahead until you reach a childrens' playground. On the right on this playground you'll see an information panel of the castle. It's the only one i saw. There is a small fence in front of you and a door on the left of it should be open. Go trough that door and you are on the castle grounds. There isn't a lot to see here. I'm quite sure that the 'ishigaki' is a modern addition, because the stones are held in place with concrete. I went through another small door in the fence, which is on the left side of the tunnel(looking at the tunnel when coming from Hachiojijo). To get there you'll have to take a very small trail and it leads you behind some housing. When you follow the street you get back to road 61. I took a bus bound for Takao station, north exit to get back. The busstop is 'Towniriguchi' and the ride costs 230yen. If it wasn't that close from Hachiojijo i wouldn't have bothered to visit this site.
[[]] 13/04/2004; 09/05/2014 On my way from Nagoya to Tokyo, i revisited this castle. Actually the first time, i was in a group and they weren't interested in Japanese castles. We saw the castle from the outside and didn't went inside. This time i did it properly and i am happy to have done so. The reconstructed parts are worth the visit and even if this castle has a concrete tenshu the artifacts inside it are very interesting. I bought a book of the armor and helmets collection of the castle. It is only in japanese but for every piece described you have 4 to 5 photos. I can read hiragana and all the pieces have the hurigana(small hiragana next to kanji(chinese characters)) for their description. There is also a book about the excavations, which are still going on, and the reconstructions. It is only in japanese too and too complicated for me, so i didn't bought this one. For 300 yen you may put a fake armor to take pictures on the castle grounds. I really recommend to visit this site when you are in the vicinity.
[[]] 16/10/2010 Today i made a triple. Ogaki, Hikone and Nagahamacastles. I knew, using this site, that this castle was under repair. Still i went there because it was on my way to Hikone. The tenshu is completely under the scaffolds. I won't give stars for now, but i think i'll give only 2, because the site and the artifacts on show aren't pleasing.
[[]] 22/04/2004; 10/04/2012 I went back to this castle today. I think i appreciated it more now than the first time. It was my first concrete castle i visited inside and i learned alot about these reconstructions. There is now a special ??exibit going on for the springtime. There are some nice armors and weapons which aren't there normally. It is really worth the visit, so if you are in the vicinity, go for it.
[[]] 06/05/2014 Today i visited 4 sites, of which one isn't yet on this site. I began with this one. The park is beautiful but sadly they didn't try to cover the concrete in the tenshu. The artifacts are very interesting, but as already stated you may not take pictures inside. The Ieyasu and Mikawa bushi museum retraces the life of Ieyasu. The important phases of his life are translated in english, but everything else is in japanese. There is a nice recreation model of the battle of Sekigahara. To the exit you are able to put an armor on with the helmet of Honda Tadakatsu. It takes no time, because the staff put it on you and it's free of charge. If you are in the vicinity, i recommend to go to this site.
[[]] 06/10/2010 This is really a nice castle to visit, even if it's in concrete. The site is beautiful and the collection inside the castle is worth a visit. If you visit the city for 1 or 2 days i recommend to buy a 1 or 2 day unlimited pass at an information center. It give access to several buildings and the Osaka subway. If you visit the Museum of history you can take a nice view of the castle from the 10th or 9th floor.
[[]] 14/05/2017 I took the advice of ART and took a train on the Chichibu line (non-JR) from Kumagaya station to Gyodashi station. It's 1 km to the site. I had printed the map from Google, but decided to follow the signposts. I recommend to do this, because you'll be leaded trough a very nice walking street going straight to the castle. The scenery is nice and the museum has some nice artifacts and a model of the castle in its heyday. Sadly you aren't allowed to take pictures. Exiting the museum i encountered a young lady who asked me if i had some time for a photoshoot with a Taisho. So i waited and during that time i told her that i own a dvd of the movie 'Nobou no shiro'. Imo this is a great movie. Not exactly historical, but funny and entertaining. In the museum you'll see a lot of posters about this movie. I visited this castle because of the movie and because it's easy to reach Hachigatajo from Gyodashi station.
[[]] 22/04/2012 Went this morning to this castle. It's a nice reconstructed one. It's easy to access from the JR-station. Just turn right on the exit and follow the small green flower-shaped indication-panels. The castle is about 2km. When you leave the station and go for Uwajima, you are able to take a nice picture of the castle.
[[]] 14/04/2013 I give it 3 stars because of the wonderful information you get with the free audioguide and the panels around the palace. I was struck that the reconstruction is actually 80cm above the real site. In one section of the palace you can see the old base-stones. To protect these they have put some earth on them and then they have put new base-stones right above the old ones to build the new buildings. In the doors of the Shachinomon you can see some bulletholes from the fightings during the Boshin-war. This is really a nice site to visit. I recommend it.
[[]] 10/04/2009
[[]] 13/05/2017 I had scheduled to visit 2 or even 3 castles if time permitted. But because of the wheather it ended by this one. I rented a bicycle at the information center just underneath the JR Sakura station. The rain was still manageable. I went first to the bukeyashiki. There i encountered an english speaking guide who was eager to make the visit with me. He had visited several European countries, even Belgium. He could say hello and that he couldn't speak french, in french. We had a great time together. He was amazed by my knowledge of japanese history and architecture. The rain began to fall harder and i went to the center where you find the 100 meijo stamp. When i got of the cycle i discovered that i had lost my umbrella. Very annoying to take pictures in such conditions. I went inside the little shed and a man came in. He asked me from where i come and what i was doing. I showed him my 100 meijo stamp book and told him about my umbrella. He was so impressed that a foreigner, not living in Japan, had visited so many castles, that he gave me his umbrella as gift. I didn't expect that, but it came in handy. I visited as much of the ruins as possible. I was not expecting such deep moats and embankments, even after reading the other comments. But since the rain fell even harder and it was noon, i decided to have shelter in the restaurant of the National history museum. After a good meal i visited the museum. You may take photos without flash of almost everything and i did. There are several models of castles or jokamachi streets. There is a nice model of Sakurajo when the army used it. I spend more than 3 hours inside, but i saw that i was already late to bring the cycle back to the information centre. The rain had stopped and i spurred to bring it back. The lady was just waiting for me to close her office. I really recommend Sakura city for history fans.
[[]] 23/05/2017 From Kyoto it's a 15 min ride to Shin Osaka and from there to Sasayamaguchi station it's a 50 min ride with the Konotori. The weather was outstanding today and i went to the information ofgice at the station. The lady asked me directly if i was going to the castle. She told me to take a bus from busstop 2 at the west exit of the station. I told her i was going with a cycle and she send me to the east exit of the station. There i was proposed 2 kind of cycles. One like Raymond mentioned in his comment. The fee now is 800yen. But you can take a cycle without battery assistance for 600yen. I took one with assistance. The saddles zre too low for taking a normal one. I received several maps at yhe information office and at the rental shed. The guy there was very helpful how to get at the center of the city. Sasayama has a lot to offer for history enthusiasts. I stopped first at the Seiganji.from there i went to the Aoyama history museum. The nagaya is a City designated Cultural Property. There are several nice artifacts. You can pay a 600yen combination ticket for this museum and the 3 following. It halfs the fee if you pay each fee independently.From there i rode to the bukeyashiki, which is also the Anma historical museum. It's a nice residence in the samurai district.I went to the castle by beginning at the south Umadashi. This is completely overgrown. I went to the Oshoin. Like Rebelforces mentioned, the introductory video of the castle is very well done. I recommend to look at it. The model is also a nice piece. The reconstructed building is beautiful. The castle grounds were used in several movies. There is a panel with the titles of 5 movies. They are still working on the outer moat to restore it like it was in the Edo-period. I went to the west Umadashi. This one is very well maintained and it's now a little park.Then i went to the Historical Artifacts museum. They have some nice artifacts, like weapons, armors and scrolls.After that i visited several temples and shrines.I really recommend to visit this little city.
[[]] 15/05/2015 I went to this site today. The works are apparently done, because i didn't saw any. I took the Loople Sendai bus with a 1-day pass. With the pass you have some reductions at some sites. I visited first the Zuihoden mauseleum. After that i went directly to the castle. The route of the loople bus changed a little bit, but it still has a stop at the honmaru, but at the foot of the ishigaki. There is indeed not a lot to see, appart from the statue of Date Masamune. The Aoba-castle museum was open, but there isn't a lot to see. The fee is normally 700¥, but with the pass it's 500¥. You may take photos, but without flash. Then i went to the Sendai City museum. This museum was more interesting i found, with a lot of english explanations. Then i walked to the Waki-yagura. I realised that i missed the last loople bus and went to a city busstop. When the bus arrived, it was full. I walked to the station. It's about 3 km from the castle-site. My hotel is in the vicinity of the station.
[[]] 28/05/2015 This morning i went first to Nakajo to see the Egami yakata. Some structures have been rebuilt there and there are moats and embankments. It was used at the end of the Heian period and beginning of the Kamakura period. After that i went to Shibata, it's only one station back with the Inaho ltd. express. I visited first the ashigaru nagaya. Very interesting building. When i was already inside, a lady came to me and told me that i had to come to the Shimizu garden first to pay a ticket. She friendly let me finish the visit of the nagaya before i went to the garden. The fee of 800yen includes the garden, the nagaya and the Bukeyashiki. The garden is very beautiful and at the end there is a storehouse with numerous artifacts( at least 7 armors). After that i went to te Shirakabe Heisha. It was built in 1874 and houses a museum about the japanese army from the Meiji period until the actual Self Defense Force. In it's heyday it was used as barracks. The building is still part of the SDF. The castle is just next to it. The entrance is free and i received a leaflet in english containing a lot of information. I could enter the 3 structures which aren't on the SDF grounds. These are the Omote-mon, the Sumi-yagura and the Tatsumi-yagura. In the Tatsumi-yagura the staff-member was eagerly giving information about the structure of the towers. If you are in the vicinity, i highly recommend a visit to this city.
[[]] 16/04/2013 I agree with the statements below. The parking lot annoyed me much. The museum contains some nice arrtifacts. At the entrance a ninja and a samurai where present. You may put on a kabuto(helmet) and the upper part of a tosei gusoku('modern' armor) for free. The price with this included is not too high, because sometimes you have to pay to put on an armor.
[[]] 05/04/2016 I went to Odaiba today and visited this site in the morning. It's easily accessible like written by the webmaster. I went also on the rainbow bridge to take some photos. It's a nice little park, but there isn't a lot to see. After that i went to several facilities on Odaiba?. It's interesting to note that from the observation deck of the Fuji television building you can take nice pictures of the batteries. Also when you go to the downward elevators you'll encounter some nice devices. They look as little televisions. You can direct them to the batteries and actually they show you the batteries during the Edo period. All of them are present and you can zoom to see some details. The entrance fee to the observatory deck is 550yen.
[[]] 11/05/2015 Went this morning to this castle. Getting to it is not difficult. Just go left after leaving the station. Go through the tunnel underneath the railroad. In the tunnel there are some photos of the site after the earthquakes of 2011 and of repairs already done. I first went around the site, but the big trees around the castle obstruct almost all of the ishigaki. Some roads are closed due to the repairs. Then i went inside the tower. Yes it's open and free of charge. The structure is really nice. There are still works going on the ishigaki.
[[]] 15/05/2014
[[]] 17/05/2015 I really don't understand the comment of Craig. Sorry for you if you are unable to hold a ticket for 200m. And if it's a tourist trap, then almost all japanese castles are. The comment of Frank is right. The reconstructed buildings have been done like it should be, in wood. The masugata entrance is really something weird. I never saw one like that before. The entrance to the castle is 300¥, but i also visited the bukeyashiki and the museum. The fee for the bukeyashiki is 200¥ and the museum is free. There is a little 3d film on an event of Date Masamune's life(only in japanese) on the 3rd floor for 300¥. It's 25min long. You are able to buy a combination ticket for the 3 for 600¥. To find the places is not difficult. There are tiles on the sidewalk and signboards everywhere.
[[]] 19/05/2015 Since i ended visiting Moriokajo earlier than expected, i went to the informationdesk in Morioka station to get information to go to Shiwajo with the bus. She told me to take a bus for Motomiya at busstop 13 in front of the station. When i arrived at the busstop there was bus 502. This bus is bound for the castle-site. But beware there are only 2 busses in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. The bus ride is 410yen and stops really on the site. When i got off i immediately went to the welcome panel to take a picture of it and of the reconstructed gate. When i turned around for the information office, a staff-member ran to me just to say that the site is free of charge and she had prepared a leaflet in english for me. In the information office are some artifacts on show and the lady started a video (15min) just for me. I bought the very small booklet for 200¥ about the castle. It's only in japanese but it contains nice drawings and photos. Then i went to the castle. The reconstructed buildings are very interesting. It is a little bit weird, because there are grain- and ricefields on the original place of the castle. I enjoyed this site, even in a muddy circumstance. It didn't rained during my visit, but the ground was soaked. When i returned to the busstop i realised i had to wait about 3.5hours for the next bus. I walked to the Iioka-jumonji stop but saw the bus passing in front of me. The next one would be 1 hour later. I decided to walk to my hotel (right in front of the Morioka station). It's about 5 km. I absolutely recommend this castle.
[[]] 21/10/2010 Today i went to this castle. It's a nice little parc actually and there is a little exhibition on the second floor of the only building. These are objects found during the excavation works. I give it 2 stars because outside the castle they have put a panel, in english, explaining the importance of the city during the ages and a little history of the castle.
[[]] 08/05/2015 Guess who is back in Japan? For my 100th castle visit in Japan, i wanted something special. I thaugt Shurijo would be perfect for that. It's easy to access with the Yui monorail, getting off at Shuristation. The reconstructed buildings are very interesting. Reconstruction is still going on behind the Seiden, on the eastern part of the castle. This year i bought the book for collecting the 100 meijo stamps. Coincidentally number 100 is Shurijo. I really recommend visiting this castle.
[[]] 08/04/2009; 18/12/2019
[[]] 16/05/2015 This morning i visited first the Tohoku history museum, which is on the opposite side of the station than the castle-site. It's a decent museum. I thought i'll found the 100 meijo stamp there, but the ladies told me it was at the station. Indeed when you exit the station to the castle-site, it's just there to use. I went to the informationoffice and the guy there was really helpful for explaining the route to the castle. Actually i didn't expect a lot of this site because there are no buildings. But i really enjoyed the explanation-panels all around the place. Everything, or almost, is translated in english. I went everywhere, even to the ruins of the northern wall, which is in the woods. There is a trail to it. Actually they do there best to make the place enjoyable. Some men were cutting the grass in the northern part. The grass was already cut at the Seicho. You have to know that this is a very vast site. The existing ruins are scattered all over the place. On the explanation-panels there are photos of the excavations and drawings of the buildings in their heyday. If you are in Sendai it's only 13min on the Tohoku line to Kokufu-Tagajo station. Normally i should give it only 1 star, but because of the explanations i give it 0.5 more.
[[]] 16/05/2014 I visited this castle this morning. Apart from the reconstructed tower, there is not much to see. Around the grounds were big panels in japanese and english explaining some parts of the castle. The museum in the castle is small and everything is in japanese. There is only one armor. The park around the castle is lovely and vast in japanese standards. I really enjoyed walking around.
[[]] 15/04/2012 I totally agree with the notes provided by Raymond. It is a very nice place to be. For info the building standing on the tenshu-ishigaki(photo 3 on this site) is completely gone. The works are going well and i hope to see in the future this castle again with it's tenshukaku. The tsukimiyagura and mizutegomon were build many years after the watariyagura. The seawater came to this last turret in the first configuration of the castle.
[[]] 08/05/2014 This is a site like i love them. Real sengokujidai stuff. It is really a nice reconstruction and being a Takeda Shingen-fan, i couldn't let it on the side. Going from Mukaichiba-station to the site is very easy. It's only 1km, but as it is a mountaintop castle, it's almost a continuing climb. For the ones looking for big keeps, don't go. For the ones looking for effective 'in battle-used castles', go go go.
[[]] 17/05/2014 What to add to the commentaries of the webmaster, hum, ah yes the 100 meijo stamp is in the municipal museum on the castlegrounds.
[[]] 29/05/2015 After Minowajo, i had time left before going to Tokyo. So i visited these structures. RaymondW and the Webmaster said everything about this site. Because the buildings are original i give it 1.5 stars. This was my last castle visit in Japan for this year. Tomorrow i return home.
[[]] 06/04/2009
[[]] 22/05/2017 I will not add how much this site is marvelous. Suffice to say that normally i give only 1 or 1.5 stars on sites like this one. But here i give 2.5 stars. Before leaving i took some lunch and a 2l water bottle in my backpack. It was very warm today. I took the Kinosaki ltd express from Kyoto to Wadayama(104min). On the way i remembered that it was possible to take photos of Fukuchiyamajo from the train. So this time i was prepared. From Wadayama it's a 7 min ride to Takeda.I went to the information office in the station. There i found a map and a pamphlet about the castle in english. They have even a brochure in french of Asago. The model there is, like stated below, interesting. You'll have an idea how the castle looked like with its buildings. The lady there was very friendly and she showed me the 100 meijo stamp. It is next to the entrance of the station. When leaving the station and turning right, a little bit further you'll find a bigger information building. They have a model of the ruin like it is now. There i bought a towel of the castle, which became very useful today. There are signs from that building to the different trails. I decided first to visit the temples and after the last one you'll see the sign to the trail to the castle. I went up. At the end of this trail you'll arrive at the entrance to the castle site. The fee is now 500yen. At this building they have a chart with the nationalities which came to the castle. I was apparently the first Belgian. My flag was not even present. I had to place a sticker next to the other Western countries.The visit is now more restrained. There is a string guiding you through the site. You are able to go to the tenshukakudai, but not to the Hanayashiki bailey. There are also sandbags covered with some black synthetic carpet on several places. After the castle i went to the Yamashiro no sato. I discovered that the parking lot and bus stop are at 900 meters from the entrance of the castle. From there it's 1.5km to the Yamashiro no sato. There you can eat and there is a shop. There is another information office. At this office you may put a haraate(front armor) in plastic(well done) a jinbaori, helmet and a sword to take pictures in front of the castle in the sky background. There are 2 backgrounds. From here i took the loop bus to get back at the city. I got off at machinaka bus stop.I walked to the Ritsuunkyo and went to the 3 viewpoints. The views are indeed very impressive. It took me more than 1 hour to get there. Since the descend was easier, it took me 50 min to get back at the station. The lady of the information office was amazed of my trip.I went a different way to get back to Kyoto. I took the Hamakaze to O?saka(120min) and then the Thunderbird(27min).
[[]] 20/12/2019 This morning i first went to Tanakajô in Shizuoka prefecture. I walked to the site from Nishi Yaizu station on the JR Tôkaidô line. It's about 3km. I arrived at the 'Historical Site of the Villa of Tanaka Castle' 10min before opening. The kabuki gate was already open. So i could walk in this lovely little park and the attendee told me he was going to open the buildings. There are 4 regrouped buildings in this park: a turret of Tanaka castle, a tea ceremony house, a footman's house with stable and a granary of Chorakuji village. The park is free of charge and is open from 9am to 9pm(1st april-september 30th), 9am to 5pm(October 1st-march 31st). The english pamphlet is very well done and the attendees used their best english they could. One of the special features of the original castle are its concentric design. Every bailey encircled the inner ones. This is still the case with the streets which were built on the castle grounds. 2 schools stand now on the Honmaru(main bailey). A part of the ninomaru mizubori(water moat) is still visible. Several posts indicate what stood there during the castle's heyday.
[[]] 12/05/2015 This morning i visited this site. Apparently there are only 3 busses heading to the Takeshita-busstop and all in the afternoon. The inforamtion desk in the station told me to take a bus heading for Mashiko at busstop 14 in front of the station. I had to get off at Koteyama-busstop. I arrived early at the busterminal and a staff-member told me to take a bus for Moka, also passing at Koteyama. From Koteyama-busstop it's about 2 km to the castle-site. I arrived just 5 minutes before the opening of the museum. A lady saw me, and she immediately opened the doors. The museum is small but has nice models of the castle and some artifacts. The site is very different from other castles. The reconstructed buildings are thought to have been used as lodgings and barracks for the soldiers. The site is free of charge, but since the staff was very friendly i tried to put on a yoroi (armor). It's 300¥. I found it heavy, being made of plastic. Personally i have 2 replica armors in iron. The weight was comparable.
[[]] 06/05/2014
[[]] 21/05/2017
[[]] 27/04/2012 Normally i don't visit castlesites where there aren't buildings remaining or reconstructed, but since i was at Tottori to visit the Watanabe Art Museum, i did make a visit to this one. The weather was outstanding to go to the honmaru and so i did. The trail to the top is very small and steep, so Raymond you did well. I wouldn't have tried myself if it was raining. The ishigaki are nice and there are some portions still being reconstructed. The view from the honmaru is incredible. You even see the so famous sanddunes of Tottori.The museum i visited contains alot of armors and weapons, but also ceramics, statues and more everyday stuff, even from other countries.
[[]] 15/05/2014 Went today to this castle as well as 2 other sites which are not on this site yet. The castle-museum has alot about the history of the castle. At the entrance i received a book containing the explanation in english. You need to give it back at the end of your visit. Apart from some lettres their are not much artifacts on show. The only armor piece is the helmet of Maeda Toshinaga. It's the original. It is a very tall nagaeboshi kabuto (lit. long courtier's cap helmet), and when i say tall, it's 1.40m. The entrance fee to the museum is 210yen. The 2 other sites i visited are castleruins. They are Yasudajou-ato and Shiratorijou-ato. It is really easy to do the 3 sites on 1 day. I'll give the info to the webmaster as soon as possible.
[[]] 07/05/2014 After Matsusaka-castle, i went to this one. It's about 2km from Tsu-station. I have nothing else to add than the commentary below, just that trees are again blocking some views of the ishigaki. The site is a beautiful park.
[[]] 12/05/2017 I went to this site this morning on my way to Mito. It's easy to access. The remaining buildings are interesting and the reconstructed towers and wall were done like they should, in wood. The higashiyagura was open and the employee was eager to give as much information he could when he heard i was a castle-fan. He also showed some photos of castles he visited. He is also a castle-fan. After the castle i wanted to visit the historical museum, but this was closed. From the board on the door i could make out that the museum was closed the whole week, but i couldn't figure out the reason. Probably some kind of inventory. I went then to the nagamon which is now the entrance of a middle school. When i went to the Nakajodori i passed another school. The walls are new and modern, but i liked the fact that they resemble castle walls. There are even teppozama in the 3 forms. The Nakajodori has several Edo-period and Meiji-period buildings.
[[]] 03/04/2009; 13/05/2014 Still being a Takeda-fan, after visiting Kofujo, i went again to this site. There are still digging being done, but some parts on the east of the shrine have panels and some reconstucted ishigaki where a gate stood, as well as an indication where a stable stood. After visiting the shrine and the museum i lost my way in the little shop, where i bought alot of stuff, lol.
[[]] 20/04/2012 I went today to this castle like i said some days earlier. Sadly it was raining this morning and like i thought the sakura were to their end. There were some still blooming. There are alot of maples too, so it must be nice during the momiji.Apart from trees, the ishigaki are very well preserved and the bitchu-yagura was so interesting. It's the first time i've seen a goten inside such a turret. Are there others known? One minus point is that nothing is translated. You can have a page of explanations in the turret in english, but that's it. I still give 2.5 stars because of the reconstructed turret. It gives you such a feeling that you could living there right on the spot!
[[]] 07/04/2009
[[]] 26/04/2013 I didn't expected alot of this site, but i was surprized to see alot of informationpanels around the site, even in english. It's a nice little park to go to and it isn't far from the station. There is another reconstructed tower, the Utonoguchi-mon-wakiyagura. This is at the other end of the castle-grounds than the other reconstructed towers. I'll send photos of it when i'll be back at home. This is a site to visit when you're in the area.
[[]] 10/05/2015 Today i visited this little site. It's something of a mix. The 2 reconstructed towers are in wood, like it should be. The embankment is in concrete. That on itself isn't a problem, but the tunnel is. To add to Kris' comment, the guide in the tunnel gave me an A4 page about the castle's history, in english. In the tunnel are 2 models. One of the honmaru with all its buildings, the other is of the city, both of the Edo-period.
[[]] 22/04/2012 After Ozu-jo i visited this one in the afternoon. Being one of the originals it is an interesting keep ??to go for. It's easy accessible, even when it rains. You can walk a fair distance under the shopping arcades. At the information point in the station they'll gladly indicate you the way to go. The keep is very small compared to others, but the inside structure is worth the visit.
[[]] 08/10/2010 I visited this castle today and thereafter i went to Kishiwada. The grounds of this one are beautiful. You may visit the garden for free and this is really rewarding. Actually the outer walls of the tenshu are in renovation(scaffolds), which mean you cannot take the picture which appears when you look at this castle on this site. Still you can take some nice pictures from lower baileys because trees are hiding the scaffolds. The top of the tenshu is still visible. The collection in the castle is really worthfull, but the castle is a concrete one.
[[]] 14/05/2015 When i arrived at the Yamagata station this morning, i went to the informationdesk. The lady was very helpful and she asked if i came with a JR-pass. After sawing it, she gave me 2 postcards as present. I then went to the castle. The reconstructed gates are very nicely done, being in wood. There aren't a lot of other buildings or ishigaki, but excavations are still done. There are no explanations in english. After the castle i went to the Mogami Yoshiaki historical museum. It's free to enter. The staffmembers were very friendly. They spoke their best english. Since i'm a foreigner i received a booklet in english about the exhibition and a book which is the translation in english of the Mogami chronicles. During the visit of the museum a staff-member went with me and gave some explanation of the artifacts.
[[]] 15/05/2017 I confirm, it's bus stop #5 on the South exit of Mishima station. I discovered on the site of the Tokai bus company that you can buy a 900yen ticket called Mishimaru kippu. It allows you to take the bus to Motohakone and you may descend and ascend as many buses as you want. So a trip to Yamanakajo is paid with this ticket. Now what can i add to the other comments? The site is indeed marvelous. I really enjoyed strolling around. Sadly it was very cloudy today. So i didn't saw the Fuji. I encountered a lot of tourists touring around. 2 men asked from where i was and if i liked japanese castles. I told them i liked very much japanese castles and that this one was my 135 castle visited in Japan. One of them showed his 100 meijo stamp book. I showed mine and we were comparing each other's books.You have to know that the bus stop, to go back, beneath the site is not in front of the site. It's next the parking lot a little bit back on the road.Since i had time left, i decided to go to the Skywalk. It's Japan's longest pedestrian hanging bridge. I went first to the Sky garden, where i had a meal. It began to rain, but i still went to the bridge. It was literally in a cloud and this gave some very nice atmospheric pictures. Of course mount Fuji had taken a walk.
[[]] 10/10/2010 I got ?to this castle today. There is not a lot to see apart from the 2 yagura and the gate. The walls of the baileys are covered with brush and trees. I encountered a group making a film. They took a picture of me surrounded by a samurai and a shinobi.I would not go to this castle if i was not in Nara for 2 days(4min with the local train).
[[]] 15/04/2012 I visited the site of this castle in april 2012. I gave some info on the page of Kinojo. In that year there was still nothing rebuilt of the castle. So it is nice they have reconstructed the stone base of a gate. When i visited Yashima i went first to the Yashimajinja and then to the Shikoku-mura. Both are at the foot of the hill. Shikoku-mura is a village-museum where several old buildings of Shikoku were regrouped. It was very interesting. After that i went to the top of the hill with a bus and visited Yashimaji. I did a tour of the plateau and saw some excavations about the castle. But there was no info of it.
[[]] 15/05/2014
[[]] 21/04/2013 On my way back from Hitoyoshi i stopped here. It is on the same trainline and the site isn't that far from the station(2km). Ther are only the ishigaki left but the park inside and the Yatsushiro shrine are very beautiful. That said i wouldn't have gone to this site if it wasn't on my way.
[[]] 08/05/2014 It's indeed a nice little castle to go for. Sadly the tower wawsn't open. From a sign on the door i could say that it was open during the 4-day golden weekend and apparently on the next sundays until end of june, hours from 10 to 15.
[[]] 14/04/2013 I 'only' give 4.5 stars, because it's not really a castle. I arrived late at the site (3:15pm, it closes at 5pm from apr 1-may 31 and sep 1-mar 31, it closes at 6pm from jun 1-aug 31). I had to walk fast because it's so vast. I eventually managed to see the whole site. It is a very impressive site and the explanations are interesting. When i arrived the rain began to fall and i took refuge in the exhibition room. I recommend to visit this room. Inside are some artifacts and at the information desk i received an english 29pages book about the site. Since it was still raining when i decided to exit this building, the staff kindly gave me an umbrella. They told me that the nihon 100 meijo stamp was at the east-entrance (i actually forgot to ask it when i bought my ticket). I don't know if there is a stamp at the west-entrance. I was actually lucky because the rain stopped during the rest of my visit. At the southern enclosure i met an english speaking guide who gave me nice information, but she couldn't tell me why the palissade is on the outer side of the moat(very strange) She could tell me that during the excavations they have found some stakes on the outer side, but why this was so.....? Perhaps there is an explanation in the book i received. If this had been a castle, i would've given it 5 stars. This site is really a must-go, but plan well, because you'll need time to visit it.
[[]] 21/04/2012
Kozukue Castle 16/12/2019 A comment saya this site is difficult to find, but i think it's easy. A lot of small signs indicate the directions. Perhaps these have been put on a later date.

The site is a nice park with the main baileys and paths fenced off. It's a bamboo forest and a wild life area. There are a lot of big and small panels telling the history and layoutof the site. Sadly only in Japanese.

Chigasaki Castle 17/12/2019 On december 17th 2019 i visited Chigasaki castle. It wasn't my initial intention to visit this site, but since it's only 1km from the Otsuka/Saikachido iseki, it was a bonus. I actually began with the castle. From ShinYokohama station i took the blue line subway to Center Minami station. From this station you can see the site of the castle to the east. It's easy to walk to the site. There are 2 entrances to the site, both on the northern side. The first leads to the karabôri(dry moat) between the Nakakuruwa(inner bailey) and the nishi kuruwa(west bailey). The other entrance, where i began my tour, leads to the kita kuruwa(north bailey). There are 4 main baileys, only the higashi kuruwa(east bailey) i didn't yet mentioned. The site is quite small and there are no buildings, but it is very well maintained. Even better than Kozukue castle, i visited yesterday. The amount of explanation boards is enormous for such a small site, but again everything only in japanese.

The West bailey is off limits. It's a nesting area of karasu(crows).

The Otsuka/Saikachido iseki, i mentioned above, is a Yayoi period settlement where some dwellings and a palisade have been rebuilt. There is also the displaced residence of the Nagasawa, a mid Edo period home.

Chihaya Castle 10/12/2022 I was a little disappointed by my visit of the Chihaya castle ruins. Not by the site itself, but by the lack of information on site.

I followed the indications on to get to the site. I took a train from Shin-Imamiya station(Ôsaka) on the Nankai Kôya line to Kawachinagano station(500¥). From there at the bus stop n°3 bound for Kongôsan ropeway I took a bus. When I arrived at the bus stop there were already about 10 people in a line and behind me people lined up also. It's about 25 min to Kongôtosanguchi bus stop for 480¥. There are 2 buses per hour during weekends and only one during the week. The trail to the castle is about 10 metres ahead of the bus stop, but I wanted first the 100 meijô stamp and went to the Matsumasa building, walking a little bit back from the bus station and turning the first street to the right. It's straight ahead and the trail for mount Kongô begin there too. I saw a sign telling that there is a trail to the castle at 700m from there. I'm actually glad I followed this. The trail is steep, but is a shortcut and you arrive between yon no maru(fourth bailey) and san no maru(third bailey). On the second bailey is the Chihaya shrine. After going on the honmaru, behind the shrine, I descended through the fourth bailey and discovered that the trail next to the bus stop is long and steep. My knees could tell. Like I said I'am disappointed by the lack of panels or at least indication posts, i.e. honmaru, ni no maru and so on. When I descended behind the honmaru, there was a space big enough to contend another bailey, but I'm not sure and it isn't even on the simple map at the start of the trail I took. It's sad for such an importantly historical site and one of the 100 meijô. I've been to 'lesser' castles, not even in the 'next 100 meijô' list, which had very good indications and/or information boards. Otherwise I could easily understand that attacking this site wouldn't be easy.

Honshouji Castle 13/12/2022 13/12/2022: The guide I encountered at Ansho castle, and with who I visited Nishio castle, was also training to be a guide at Honshoji castle. He gave me a tour of the site, even some parts off limits for passersby. After the tour of this site, Kato Tadao drove me back to my hotel.
[[]] 16/12/2022
Motosakura Castle 18/12/2022 On 18/12/2022, I took 2 trains, one from Yokohama to Chiba station and the second to JR Shisui station. From the station to the castle, it's just 'follow the arrows'. There are several routes to this castle, from different stations, and I followed the orange route. This one passes in front of the town office, where I got the 'Continued Nihon 100 meijô stamp'. At the town office, I got 4 pamphlets in Japanese. When I arrived at the foot of the castle, there was an information building, where one could also have the stamp, and there I received several other pamphlets, as well as one in English. I went to the different baileys, even the southern one.
Chiba Castle 07/05/2023 I visited this castle, on 07/0/2023, because it isn't that far from the Kasori shell mounds and I'm also interested in Jômon period sites. This mock donjon, that never existed as a real thing on this site, is a nice museum. It has a lot of artifacts inside and it kept me dry during a downpour.
Nagurumi Castle 08/05/2023 08/05/2023. After Numata castle, I visited this site. Since the Taiga Drama about the Sanada maru, this site benefitted from it. The baileys have been cleared and are easy to recognize due to some pavement and rails delimiting the different kuruwa. The information buiding has some nice maps and a model of the site. I took a taxi from Numata castle to this site(2850yen).
Annaka Castle 09/05/2023 When I saw a journey described by Eric, here on, I thought I could try to do this, since the sites are related to the history of Takeda Shingen, my favourite daimyô. I so began my journey at Annaka, on 09/05/2023. I first walked from the station to the old Usui county hall. When I arrived there it was still closed, but the guide, who was inside, saw me and let me in. I had a nice chat with him, since he had a good level of English. In this building is a model of Annaka castle. Of the castle there is nothing left. Only a marker stone, on the grounds of a school, reminds us of the existence of the castle there. After that I walked to the bukeyashiki and nagaya. These are the real reason why I went to Annaka. The bukeyashiki, samurai house is nicely entertained, there is a fee of 210¥, and the guide will show you around. He was called by the guide of the Usui county hall, who told him that I was coming. After that I saw the nagaya, which is a rowhouse for lesser warriors, aka ashigaru. This is in a perfect state of conservation.
Isobe Castle 09/05/2023 After visiting Annaka, I took the train to the next station on this line, Isobe. Exiting from the station, one has to turn immediately to the right and follow the path, which becomes a street, until getting at a T-crossroad. Then look to the right and you will see a forested hill. This is Isobe castle.

To get to the castle follow the main road, until you see a sign of the entrance to the castle. The castle was somewhat overgrown, but you could still figure out some features, like karabori(dry moat)and dorui(earthen ramparts). There were signs indicating the kuruwa's(bailey) name.

Gokan Castle 09/05/2023 After the castle of Isobe, I returned to the station. In front of it is a taxi company. Since I wanted to win some time I asked for a taxi to Gokan castle. This site is about 5km from Isobe station. I payed 1770¥ for the ride and told the driver that I'll use another taxi to go to my next destination. He announced that at his dispatching.

Gokan castle is a vast yamashiro(mountain castle, with lots of very clear features. I spent 1h30 on the site. There were signs all around the place, which is always a nice touch.

Matsuida Castle 09/05/2023 When I finished my tour of Gokan castle, I called the taxi company and the dispatcher recognised me immediately. I went to Matsui castle with this taxi. When I was preparing my journey, I thougt first to return to Isobe station and getting off at Nishimatsuida station. I realised that the distance is +/-1km more to Matsuida castle from Gokan castle. The ride costs 2580¥, and so I won precious time to visit this vast yamashiro. At arriving at the parking lot, there was a small shed. It was closed and nobody was present. I opened one of the windows and there were several boxes containing precious maps and a pamphlet of the castle. The maps came in handy. Walking staffs are also available. I took one and I was glad I did. The site is overgrown but very well signposted. I did most of the trail, but when I saw a sign indicating bears, I called it a day. I have bear bells with me, but I don't want to disturb these animals. And I don't want to take a picture of a bear charging me...

I think that I covered about 85% of the site. I took the trail, which Eric Obershaw tells to begin with, to end my visit. I then went to Hoda temple. During the Sengoku period, there were the dwellings of the lord of the castle.

Minakuchi Castle 15/05/2023 From Hinō station I took a train back in the direction of Kibukawa, but I descended at Minakuchijōnan station. From there it's a very short walk to Minakuchi castle. I went all around the site. This was actually a fortified goten(palace). The honmaru(main bailey) is now the sports space for the schools next to it. You have to go on this terrain to get to the reconstructed tower. There wasn't such tower at this location during its heyday. It is based as one of the 4 corner tower of the honmaru. Inside the tower there is a nice model of the site and some artifacts. From a window I could see Minakuchi Okayama castle site.
Minakuchi Okayama Castle 15/05/2023 From Hinō station I took a train back in the direction of Kibukawa, but I descended at Minakuchijōnan station. From there it's a very short walk to Minakuchi castle. I went all around the site. This was actually a fortified goten(palace). The honmaru(main bailey) is now the sports space for the schools next to it. You have to go on this terrain to get to the reconstructed tower. There wasn't such tower at this location during its heyday. It is based as one of the 4 corner tower of the honmaru. Inside the tower there is a nice model of the site and some artifacts. From a window I could see Minakuchi Okayama castle site.
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