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The Yamadera-bukeyashiki, a samurai residence in Matsushiro, has archiecture surviving from the Edo period through to the Taisho period. The Yamadera were a middle class samurai family of the Matsushiro Domain during the Edo period. In the Bakamatsu period Yamadera Jōzan was the patriarch, and he was known as one of 'Matsushiro's Three Mountains' along with Sakuma Zōsan and Kamahara Tōzan (because they all had 山 in their names). Being highly respected by Sanada Yukitsura, the eighth lord of Matsushiro Domain, Yamadera served as the magistrate in charge of temples and shrines, and he also taught military science at the Matsushiro hankō (domain school) which still exists today. The Yamadera Residence is open to the public. Although the shoin (drawing room) and gardens were rebuilt in the early 20th century, the impressive nagayamon (gatehouse) dates to the Bakamatsu period, and is the largest extant nagayamon in the castle town of Matsushiro, being 22m long. The residence as a whole preserves traditional modes of architecture, and further includes kura (storehouses) and other gates.

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  • Yamadera Residence Profile
    English Name Yamadera Residence
    Japanese Name 山寺武家屋敷・山寺常山邸
    Year Bakamatsu Period
    Residence Type Middle Class
    Designations Important Cultural Property
    Features Gates, Garden, House, Warehouses
    Visitor Information 9:00-17:00; Free
    Website https://www.matsushiro-kankou.com/spot/spot-615/
    Location Nagano, Nagano Prefecture
    Castle Matsushiro Castle
    Coordinates 36° 33' 27.54" N, 138° 11' 50.03" E
    Matsushiro Castle and nearby Samurai Homes
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    21 months ago
    Score 0++
    While I did visit here, I hesitated to add it because the house does not date to the Edo Period...


    21 months ago
    Score 1++
    Well, me too ^^" These pictures are from a while ago. It retains the architecture and feeling of a bukeyashiki despite the more recent main house (which is still quite pretty). Considering it's open to the public, I figured it would be good to list it on the page.