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Another samurai home located in the town of Ômori, location of the famous Iwami silver mines. The samurai who lived here would've worked at the offices of the Ômori-daikansho, a lightly (or barely?) fortified base of operations for overseers employed directly by the Shogunate. The silver mines were of great economic importance to the Shogunate and so this necessitated retaining direct control, though defence was provided by surrounded mountain forts and the daikansho was chiefly a place of administration. The Yanagihara-bukeyashiki itself looks rather humble, but apparently it has two storeys! The second storey is concealed from without. Ninja confirmed? Actually, the occupation of the Yanagihara patriarchs was policing! Theirs was a more humble home compared to other bukeyashiki in town. The structure dates to the 19th century, having been reconstructed after a fire which ravaged the town in 1800; it is not open to the public.


Yanagihara Residence Profile
English Name Yanagihara Residence
Japanese Name 柳原武家屋敷
Year 19th century
Residence Type Lower Class
Designations Prefectural Treasure
Features House
Visitor Information Not open to the public
Location Oda, Shimane Prefecture
Castle Ohmori Daikansho
Coordinates 35° 7' 3.65" N, 132° 26' 44.02" E
Ohmori Daikansho and nearby Samurai Homes
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