Yomogidaira Castle (Minochi)

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Yomogidairajō was the fortified residence of Obinata Chikugo who died resisting Takeda Shingen's invasion of Obinata territory. The castle is presumed to have been destroyed following the conflict.

Visit Notes

Yomogidairajō ('Mugwort Plateau Castle') was the first castle site I visited in Kinasa. The site is quite curious and unusual. Essentially there are two baileys, with an intermediary terraced bailey in between. The main bailey, or upper bailey, is surrounded by the second, chiefly to the south, but also to the west where it forms a narrow sub-bailey. I came up via this area. There was no trail. Interestingly the main bailey is not at the top of the hill. Instead there is a narrow, flattened ridgeline which functioned as a sort of natural earthen rampart segment to protect the castle's east. One can see from below that this ridgeline has been worked into a series of flat, stair-like platforms. I initially climbed up onto the ridge expecting to see more of the castle not its terminus! The main bailey likely was the site of an Obinata Clan residence. There are some more terraced areas below but these are now homesteads.


Castle Profile
English Name Yomogidaira Castle (Minochi)
Japanese Name 水内蓬平城
Founder Obinata Chikugo
Year Founded 16th century
Castle Type Fortified Manor
Castle Condition Ruins only
Historical Period Pre Edo Period
Artifacts Kuruwa, Dorui
Visitor Information
Access Nagano Station; 40 minute drive, or bus to Kinasa and 15 minute walk
Visitor Information Private Property
Time Required 20 minutes
Location Nagano, Nagano Prefecture
Coordinates 36° 41' 0.38" N, 138° 0' 38.74" E
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